Thursday, June 28, 2012

And The Award Goes To.....

The Working Families Coalition are so good at what they do that Campaigns And Elections, "The Magazine For People In Politics", have seen fit to reward them with one of their prestigious Reed Awards. Take a bow, Arrow Communications Group and Jackson Communications Group, for your victory in the category of "Best International Campaign!"

Aren't you proud that a group of local Ontario boys with absolutely no connection whatsoever to Dalton McGuinty distinguished themselves by taking home the same trophy as the people who masterminded Lulzim Basha's campaign for Mayor of the city of Tirana, Albania? Lovely Tirana, birthplace of George Soros! This proves Ontario can take on the world and win, or at least beat out the guys who got Greg Selinger elected Premier of Manitoba. In your face, Winnipeg!

This is exactly the type of international success story that Dalton should be promoting on Twitter. Nope! He decided to block his account to outsiders like me.

If you needed more evidence of the WFC's election-related wizardry, consider that few, if any, people reported the fact that their recent court "victory" actually stemmed from the fact that the judges didn't think investigating the totally unproven links between them and the Liberals was something they should be looking into. Essentially, "The panel concluded that any objection to the group’s participation in elections should be dealt with by the Chief Electoral Officer, or ultimately, the Ontario Legislature." Pffft. Right after the Premier stands in QP and honours Arrow Communications for their outstanding work, I'm sure he'll get right on that.


  1. Nice to know also that McLiar will not be penalising Ottawa for not using Presto says the libs next biggest liar Chiarelli.

    City won't lose gas tax money over Presto failure

    Norman Jack with Sarah Anderson
    Thursday, June 28, 2012

  2. Yes, and now we have a Liberal-NDP coalition government in Ontario as well. Might as well have voted for SYRIZA, that party has about the same grasp of economic reality but at least is open about what they plan to do.

    These last three elections have pitted Ontario's public sector unions against the taxpayers, and we have seen how a small and very determined minority can latch onto the public purse and drain Ontarians of their wealth.

    We must do better next time