Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wynne's Win Is A Lose-Lose Scenario

So yesterday, the OLP Toronto contigent, seeing that Pupatello was on her way to running away with it, quickly put a stop to that with a series of deals. Can't be letting the voters decide anything now, can we?

Hey Liberals, how does it feel to have a handful of people yank away everything you've worked at for months in an instant? Are you just going to take this lying down? Of course you will. It's what you Liberals do.

Any progress towards reducing the size of the deficit is now moot. Any progress towards fighting the unions has been stopped cold.

And the centre is wiiiiiiide open for the PCPO.

Tim Hudak: Your task in the next election can now be compared to making a two-inch putt into a hole which happens to be the size of the Grand Canyon.


  1. No problem. The media and the Liberals will turn this into a hope and change story so that we must vote for her or forever be branded as a backwards province.

  2. First,the MSM has to take several weeks to proclaim their "awe" at having the first "openly gay" Premier in Canada,then celebrate Ontario's first woman Premier, THEN maybe they'll get around to addressing the horrendous corruption in the Liberal government.

    And that's a mighty big "maybe". This government rivals Attawapiskat for corruption,only difference is they hurt a much larger number of people.

  3. No mention from any of them their plans to return Ontario back to her normal self.
    Dalton has taken his team to deep for any of them to change ways. In fact, the unions knowing how corrupted and mess up the OLP is; the unions will continue to use them.