Tuesday, August 6, 2013

London Confidential

Only in the PC Party of Ontario could you have an attempted leadership coup "organized" by people who insist on speaking to newspapers "on condition of anonymity." This, after they, um, signed their names- which I hope were their real names, not their ultra-secret codenames- to the leadership review motion in question.

How in the name of heaven are you supposed to organize delegates to support your motion and fundraise to send those delegates to the convention- especially when you KNOW central party doesn't want your motion anywhere near the floor- when you don't even make yourselves public? No Twitter accounts, no e-mail addresses, no websites? No designated point people? Just going to coast along until September on the assumption that "the grassroots" are behind you, huh? What a bunch of Double-O-Stupids.

Take a hint, Hudak haters: As long as this low-level cloak and dagger nonsense is the best you can do, Tim isn't going anywhere.


  1. Are those PC members who are seeking a new leader doing so because they hate Tim Hudak, as you state, or because they believe that they need a new leader in order to win the next election?

    1. Oh, absolutely the former....given that one of the "party members" running this gong show had a bad experience running in 2011 and is still bitter two years later.