Thursday, June 12, 2014

Room 101

After four election cycles it's pretty much impossible to draw any conclusion other than the people of Ontario desire and want big, bad government, and the other provinces don't have much moral authority over us in that regard either. The various subsidiaries of Liberal, Inc. are going to get bigger, less ethical, and less concerned with the problems of the average voter.

The unions are going to do as they please while we peons thrash about, complaining about Liberal fear and smear campaigns terrorizing voters, never for one second stopping to realize that the reason why these campaigns are so effective is that the groundwork is already laid for them. The Liberals are just stoking the fires, not setting them. When we told Ontarians that there were going to be cuts, the people did a fine job of panicking about their entitlements on their own.

The people do not want government spending to decrease by one single solitary nickel. No cuts. None. Not now, not ever. It was a colossal mistake to assume that there were any voters there that were going to vote for cuts. But then again, the PC Party of Ontario has been trying for years to get voters to accept ideas that they have shown no interest in accepting and has failed every time.

We are about to undergo a period of governance in Ontario that is going to make Bob Rae's tenure look positively rosy. And there is no way out of the debt trap. We can flee to Alberta or Saskatchewan, where things are marginally better, for now, but as soon as the Working Families Coalition concept gets rolling over there (likely as part of the Justin Trudeau campaign) the West is going to end up like the Rest.

The rest of the "conservative" "movement" is content to sit and watch Sun News, read Mark Steyn and receive cards in the mail from the Manning Centre while blurping about the need for a "real conservative party" until Justin Trudeau takes over and orders everything shut down Chavez-style because they think the problem is Leader X, Party Y, and/or Policy Z. The problem is that the people we are trying to reach have accepted that our new union overlords determine how they're going to be voting. The problem is that people have decided that they are effectively public property and their lives are to be managed from fetus to end-of-life injection by the God-State. The problem is that across the ocean mighty powers smash countries like Ukraine like a five year old stomping on an anthill and nobody can, or really wants to, do a damn thing about it.

Kathleen Wynne drew a line in the sand during this election. She sent a message to everyone- Conservatives, NDPers who embraced populism, and even blue Liberals who wanted to see Sandra Pupatello be leader- that they could either get on board with the government's plan or stand in the corner with the Tea Party. And as we see today, that strategy was a great success. She knew that Ontarians would rather have a corrupt and profligate government that gets bailed out repeatedly by Ottawa than endure any cuts, anywhere, for any reason. No semblance of conservatism will be tolerated in the new consensus.

And as for that whole thing about how Ontario will bring the rest of Canada down with it if it doesn't get its finances in order; yes, of course it will. That's the point. That's what Kathleen Wynne wants, and that's what Ontarians want. A Canada where everyone is screwed and nobody is better off than anyone else, where nobody has to envy anyone else or feel like they are lessers. That's the dream, and they have it now.


  1. Man that was harsh, scary but true!

  2. "After four election cycles it's pretty much impossible to draw any conclusion other than the people of Ontario desire and want big, bad government"

    Get a leader with a coherent alternative vision. Dump the yahoos and hayseeds like Randy Hillier and Lisa McLeod. Stop taunting the poor with tough medicine promises. And maybe, just ,maybe, your side will win. But it is a long, long way off from what we see today.

    1. I don't get the sense that you'd actually vote for the PC's under the best of circumstances.

  3. The most honest analysis of this election - it echoes my thoughts exactly.

  4. Had anyone listened to me, and took out the minimum wage [instead of right to work which was the wrong fight/hill to die on, right now], we would of won the youth vote... instead they voted for free government cheese in the form of tuition "freezes".

    PC's should of been less P and more C, on that file... was easy pickings.
    On that note, Ian Robertson[the "PC Provincial Campaign Manager"] should be fired, he is a fraud.

    Now we have to wait until enough Liberals lose their seats through criminal investigations and jail time... triggering by-elections, thus triggering another election when enough seats are lost. So people too lazy, too absorbed, too ignorant and /or too cynical to make the effort in THIS election, they have to bare the pains of economic distress.. only to HAVE to vote next time anyway, else move or be destitute.
    Anyone who thinks they job security or any kind or a good business to run or product/ service to sell will find out they're dollar will be worth alot less and no customers willing to pay. Unions clamoring for more pay won't mean anything if their buying power flops & theres nothing new put on the shelves.

    NDP will have to shake off the unions that abandoned them and move to the center. Which they should of done in 2006... instead they chose to let their federal candidates lie and turn me into a conservative partisan.

    It didn't have to come to that but no one listens to me when the going is "good" or in our case less crap than it will be once the private sector flees.

    we are about to have the carpet pulled out from under us economically, which in turn is going to drag down the rest of Canada and the federal budgets as it has been. The Feds should not congratulate Wynne. This doesn't have to be the "new normal".

    It's time for the feds to pick up the slack and go full out free market "Hong Kong" style. (h\t, Milton Freidman's Free To Choose)

    Contrast from "progressives" or bust. Otherwise Justin wins. (so damn well attack the minimum wage!)

    I'm pretty furious all the so called Libertarians went at length against the federal conservatives for not being more aggressive in cuts etc, meanwhile WHERE WERE THEY IN THIS ELECTION!? What message did you send to the Feds by staying inactive?
    The economy matters most in provincial elections and foreign policy at federal elections.
    Who are we waiting for? They stayed at home at their own at their own demise.

    Communist china happens to be buying up the State of Michigan and will be happy to employ them for their impossible standards that no one can meet. Their Litmus Tests will finally be put to genuine government misuse.

    1. "The rest of the "conservative" "movement" is content to sit and watch Sun News, read Mark Steyn and receive cards in the mail from the Manning Centre while blurping about the need for a "real conservative party" until Justin Trudeau takes over and orders everything shut down Chavez-style because they think the problem is Leader X, Party Y, and/or Policy Z."

      Brilliant commentary, both tragic and true.
      "Your not 103% the libertarian I was hoping for so I'm gonna slack and let the statist win".

      The Federal Libertarian Party isn't even Libertarian, they are born yesturdayRonPaulians who wanted to join a coalition with Ignatieff!
      So essentially a front group meant to draw fiscal conservatives away from the CPC.
      They missed the whole being right and divided and out of power bit. Even recent history is "relative" to them.

      But heck, they'll let you "print your own currency" so "break out your bottle cap jar" or stamp collection, or pogs, for that matter. Never-mind why civilization has coinageto begin with.
      (I will always hold that over them, they are economically infantile...)

      typing of infantile; federal NDP Joe Coemartin a couple of years ago supported a 20$ minimum wage on one of those cards MP's would send to their constituents.

      That is only a $1 MORE than what the provincial communist party of Ontario wanted in this election... Ian Robertson, the "PC Provincial Campaign Manager", entirely dismissed it (TWICE) as a non election issue. Forfeiting the youth vote once again to the other parties.

      Who is at fault? Hudak? or the career campaign apparatchiks? Who was asking for $25 to $50 in donations for ads that didn't counter the liberal/NDP messages on job cuts & "bad math"?
      Called my dad in the last week of the election and he complained how "Hudak wasn't countering the message by saying 'this, this and that'"... only he was at every town hall and press conference, so how did the message still get suppressed!?

      Hudak was the scape goat for a lousy campaign.
      Thats why we heard his name so much rather than the PC's plan or the PC team.
      They made it all about Hudak, who is a nice enough guy but "doesn't appeal to urban voters" so why thrust his name into the forefront constantly?... Sabotage.
      The BT roll had a video of an ex liberal activist ditching his party over them wanting him and others to infiltrate ours. That was some years ago.
      I say ditch the "progressive" (coldwar era soviet appeasement) from the party title.
      Worked for the CPC. A clean break from the blue flavor of socialism would be a fresh change.

      Let them call us "extremist" for not covenanting or looting the wallets of others.
      Are Friedman ("The Jesus" of economics) and Thomas Sowell extremists too?
      University students wear che shirts instead of sowell shirts because they only know one of the two exists... Che also has the best known example of mutton chops the world has ever seen.

      If I leave Ontario over this, its not cuz the unions routed me, but because if I make something good to sell, I don't want it wasted on capitalist hating customers. They don't deserve to be the first market to access it.

  5. Thank Christ my family and I are leaving this shithole this summer.

    Fuck Ontario.

  6. Honestly, as a Tory, I could have lived with an NDP victory. If the voters had an appetite for a left government, at least the NDP has principles. But by rewarding this pack of thieves, Ontario proved this was about more than left vs. right. Ontario told us they want to be lied to and stolen from. Next election we take no high road and fight dirty. Ontario doesn't deserve honor from their politicians.