Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Lucky Charm Offensive?

The best jokes are the ones that make you think, and this clown is always looking for new material to make you, as well as any big-time PC strategists out there, think about our upcoming big show in 2011 as all of you chuckle along with me.

Today your intrepid correspondent was trading barbs with a soldier in the enemy camp and he heard a good one. Let me share it with you.

If Dalton doesn't pull a disappearing act before E-day so he can try to save the federal Libs from their Ignatieff induced idiocy, it is possible that he will try to make nice with some of the people he's p.o'ed. Efforts to change the channel may come as soon as the summer is over, and a new initiative to recruit doctors and other health care professionals to curb drug abuse may be intended to smooth over the mess created by the LHIN shenanigans.

For my part, I am heavily into drug abuse. It's true! I run into Shoppers Drug Mart all the time and start yelling insults at the bottles of Pepto Bismol!

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