Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dirty Laundry

It's getting to the point where every time Dalton screws up, I have a hard time choosing from the hurricane of puns that spring to mind when sketching out these little blogposts of mine.

"Dalton's laundry comments don't wash," perhaps? How about, "That's another stain on Dalton's record"? Or maybe the slightly more risque, "Dalton is desperately trying to change the sheets after sh*tting the bed on Friday?"

Extra strength bleach won't clean up  the mess this move will cause in heavily Jewish Thornhill, as Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath and Dalton seems to feel that Saturday is laundry day.

But there's a bigger story here, and that's Dalton's muddying of the waters surrounding whether he will or won't rule out an increase in hydro rates. The news that 76% of Ontario voters saying they're sick of the mess Liberals have made in Ontario means that Dalton's underwear must be turning a distinct shade of yellow, and since Dalton's squeaky-clean image has taken such a beating over the last little while, he can't afford to take a firm stance on an issue which would have at one time been a clean sweep.

How much deeper will Dalton sink into the muck before Tim Hudak brushes him off like dirt off his shoulder?

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