Friday, September 3, 2010

The Firm

I've taken my act on the road all across our province and have been spending time in Ajax-Pickering, where both federal and provincial Conservative candidates are putting the double-team on the Liberals. We all know superstar candidate Chris Alexander has loudmouth MP Mark Holland hiding inside one of those boxes he keeps lying around, but Chris has plenty of positive press already.

That's why I was asked to mention that Todd McCarthy, partner at the firm of Flaherty, Dow, Elliott, and McCarthy, will be representing the PC Party in 2011. Lots of law firms think about expanding their practice, but this is clearly a bit different.

You may recall that the Liberal MPP for Ajax-Pickering, Joe Dickson, got a slap on the wrist from his own boss for charging that the Tories were directly responsible for the Walkerton deaths. You can also find "irrefutable facts"  and other propraganda about the HST on Mr. Dickson's printing business website, some with a suspiciously McGuintyesque imprimatur. As Mr. Dickson has rode the gravy train in Ajax for four decades now, he may wish to consider stepping aside soon.

I hear Brucelea Haven is a lovely place to spend your golden years.

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