Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"We Failed"

Premier Dalton McGuinty admits his government “moved too quickly” and “failed to communicate” a secret regulatory change that police used to arrest people at the June G20 summit in Toronto.

Yes, Dalton, you certainly did. And this admission ought to put your government right on track. The backtrack, that is!

What do Dalton's Defenders have to say about this latest embarassment? Nothing. They're more worried about a nomination challenge that doesn't even involve their own party! Say, when was the last time a sitting Liberal MPP had to go through one of those, again?


  1. Dopey Dalton did what all left-wing governments do when they gain power: they launch an assault on citizen's civil rights. Whether it be in Venezuela, the Soviet Union, or China; once they have the power in their hands they will use any method and break any law to coerce people into accepting their agenda.

  2. Can you imagine what it'd be like if the Soviet Union had always been doing Daltonesque backtracks on everything they did? "Yeah, the gulags? We kind of went a little overboard there. Sorry."