Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Same Old Same Old

Not much seems to have changed on the provincial scene in the past few weeks even though everyone's fixated on the federal election. Dalton's still a douche, but that will always be the case. The PC Party of Ontario continues to recruit top-tier candidates like Canadian Taxpayers Federation taxfighter-in-chief Kevin Gaudet. The Liberals continue to reward failures like e-Health hack Sarah Kramer and have teachers hit their students up for money to try and keep the Liberals afloat in October. Gotta start getting those kids used to paying union dues early! :P

I can just picture the scene at every house in Ontario when little Aidan comes home from school and asks for money. "No mom, it's not for a field trip this, not for a bake sale either...."

P.S. Oh, and I *hope* Norm Sterling supports the Liberal candidate in CMM because a) it won't make a difference as to which party holds that riding in October, b) enough people in his own riding showed up to ensure he wouldn't be their representative and not enough people in his own riding showed up to support him, and c) it will make all the Liberals flocking into Eglinton Lawrence to avenge the honour of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named look like a bunch of colossal hypocrites, and then the only "rift" people will be noticing will be  those that separate the strands of Dalton's credibility from one another.

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  1. Wow. The Ontario teacher's union has worked up its very own version of the political levy. Looks like Ontario needs to make some amendments to its election laws.