Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Centre Cannot Hold

Whooooo! That was quite a wild ride. In case you didn't hear yet, we won! Yaaaaaaay!!!! :D :D :D :D

Oh, right. Him.

Now, while Dalton wisely stayed away from the Liberal collapse that was #elxn41 (possibly because the sheer amount of fail generated by Dalton and Ignatieff had they been present in the same room may have broken reality itself), that doesn't mean Dalton won't be damaged by the fallout.

First of all, all the signature Liberal lines of attack were deployed during the election. The line about secret cuts that would close every hospital in Canada. The accusation that Conservatives really aren't tough on crime. The abortion scaremongering. General nonsense about hidden agendas. Screams about racism. All of the above were used. All of the above failed miserably.  

As I've written previously, Liberals operate under the delusion that they control the boundaries on what is and what is not appropriate political speech in this country, and that all they have to do is remind people of What Stephen Harper/Tim Hudak/Rob Ford/Insert Conservative Here Said and the polls will respond accordingly in their favour.

By comparison, if they say something bizarre, such as how their (former) leader called America "his country", their minds nobody cares about that, because they are the centre, and everyone else are just weirdos with ideology. Do they really believe half the stuff they say about Conservatives? Probably not. Doing this is a learned response, taught to them by spinmasters who haven't updated their tactics since 1993. But there he is, at it again, talking about "shutting down 30 hospitals." With all the "soul-searching" Liberals are doing on this grey Wednesday morn, you would think maybe they could get the hint that they need to change their game up a little. Nope. Won't happen.

And let's say the Liberals are right. Let's say there really was a plan afoot to "reverse our progress" here in Ontario. What could they do to stop it?

The Liberal era of Try To Please Everyone And End Up Pleasing No One, But Call It A Success Anyway is coming to an end. People are done with Liberal assurances.


  1. Just out of curiosity, why is having "ideology" a bad thing. Doesn't everyone have one to some degree or another? Isn't it more a bad thing when you DON'T have an ideology to guide your decisions and tell people what to expect?

  2. If you actually believe in something, and you stick to what you believe, then you can't be "governing in everyone's interest", can you? No, that makes you an ideologue.