Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can't Break Our Stride

As we move ever closer to the PC Party of Ontario Convention this upcoming weekend, I feel a surge of optimism and the sense of momentum that comes along with every successful campaign.

Gazing out over the Twittersphere and the commentariat as Tim Hudak's announcement percolates through the province- specifically, that he will refocus health spending away from useless feel-good measures and towards frontline healthcare- I find it hard to dispute the notion that Tim Hudak has his foes exactly where he wants them.

The Ontario Liberals are invoking, surprise surprise, Mike Harris, who was Premier almost a decade ago and as such is an odd choice of topic for a party who claims to be "forward-looking". Where is their defence of their record on health care? Where are the references to their "plan"? More to the point, where is the press release saying the Liberals would do the same thing if elected? You mean to tell me that we can't even count on Dalton stealing our ideas anymore?

Well, guess what: If an election were to be held today, Tim Hudak would preside over a majority government. And we also have frontline healthcare workers applauding our stance. That means that we're connecting with people.

So tell me: Why should I listen to the doom and gloom coming from some quarters? Do the Liberals have a nuclear talking point that they're not sharing with us? 

Is there any reason why Hudak should change tack?

Does he stand to gain something better than a majority if he had done anything differently? Because if so, I'm just dying to know.

Go ahead. Try to spoil my good mood. :)

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  1. Tim Hudak needs the PM to walk softly after the budget is released.
    Look for McGuinty to try to pick a fight with the federal government soon.