Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Dalton McGuinty Travelling Roadshow of Fail continued apace today with not one, not two, but THREE colossal blunders.

First and foremost, I have to tell you that Tim Hudak thinks Boston is going to win the Stanley Cup. Yes, I realize that someone can support whatever team they want, and the Bruins actually have more Canadian players than the Canucks, and um....THIS IS ONTARIO, NOT BRITISH COLUMBIA....but of course, the Liberals took this in exactly the kind of direction you'd expect them to.

Look, I made fun of a stupid video Dalton made right before the World Juniors , and blamed Dalton for the loss. The difference is that I'm smart enough not to pay Bourque for a headline about it! Nobody cared about that then, so why should anyone care about this now?

Then, the Stoney Creek News published a letter written by Niagara West Glanbrook MP Dean Allison announcing his intention to run for Speaker of the Federal House of Commons. The writer of the letter makes reference to himself as being part of Stephen Harper's government. It should also be noted that the MPP for Niagara West Glanbrook is, naturally, Tim Hudak. Because he is an MPP and not an MP, Hudak cannot run for Speaker of the Federal House of Commons. This is obvious to everyone with a brain.

Unfortunately, the News published the letter with Tim Hudak as the signatory and quickly corrected the error. I have no picture of the letter with the wrong name as it appeared on the News website, so I have to take the Liberals at their word that the paper got it wrong, and that their Twittergasm implying that Hudak was, in actual fact, running for  position that HE CANNOT HOLD was, in fact, a joke, and not proof that Liberals are so stupid that they cannot tell the difference between an MP and an MPP.

As of now, the misleading headline is still up on Bourque:

Look! Even Bob Rae disapproves of these tactics! Shaaaaame on you, Dalton!

Ridiculous. But that was just the warm up act.

You might not have known that Thornhill Liberal candidate Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress and champion of Human Rights Commissions and faith-based schools, recently had a press conference where he was endorsed by former York Region Police Chief Armand La Barge. And, it so happened that the issue of Farber's support for those wonderful faith based schools was raised by the media. A perfect opportunity for Farber to put the faith based monster to rest. Farber thought long and hard, weighed his options carefully, and told the media the following:

“I think the people of Ontario have spoken quite loudly on this issue but I still remain a firm believer in it. It’s probably something the premier and I don’t agree on but on virtually everything else, we are in agreement. I will try to march on those issues where we are in full agreement and continue to advocate on those issues I still feel strongly about,” he said, adding he believes he should be in a better position to do so from within the legislature.

Fantastic! He believes he will be in a better position to advocate on issues he feels strongly about- namely, FAITH BASED SCHOOLS, - from within the Legislature.

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