Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Easy Way? Or The Hard Way?

Well now. As the old saying goes, ask and you shall receive. And we have received an interesting three way contest for PC Party President where previously there was silence.

The three men who have stepped forward are:

-Kevin Gaudet, former boss of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and PCPO candidate in Pickering Scarborough East

-Richard Ciano, of Campaign Research and former National Councillor for the CPC, good friend and business partner of Nick Kouvalis

-John Snobelen, former cabinet minister under Mike Harris, MPP for Mississauga Streetsville

All well known people in Conservative circles. All men I like personally. And all three could be great Party Presidents. And we could have a nice clean race here, the object of which would be to debate the future of our party politely and constructively.

And I want a nice clean race. I do. I don't want this to become about settling petty scores from years ago.

But if it does become about settling petty scores, then those who play it that way are going to be called out on this here blog. And that would suck. It'd be doing this the hard way when we could have done it the easy way.

So I guess we'll just see, won't we?

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