Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who Is Responsible?

The penny drops for Dan Gardner.
"As Conservative strategist Rod Love told author Lawrence Martin, Harper and other Reformers seethed — and rightly so — at the way the Chrétien-era Liberals framed them as the lunatic fringe."

Yep. And the Liberals are still doing that, aren't they? Here in Ontario and everywhere. No matter how progressive we try to be.

What role, I wonder, did the Liberals play in the development of today's Canada and Toronto, under Harper and Ford? How much of their current misery is self-caused?

Where do guys like Harper come from, they wonder? And how does he find people- similarly demonized as the lunatic fringe, no doubt- that will vote for him? And why do there seem to be more and more of them?

And when this realization finally hits home for the PC Party of Ontario, just how screwed will the Ontario Liberals be?


  1. i am still crazy after all these years. trudeau drove me nuts.

  2. Harper must drive conservatives nuts. Remember when he promised in the 2008 election not to run a deficit? Then he ran the largest deficits in Canadian history. Now he lacks the fiscal discipline of Chretien-Martin. Harper can't make the tough decisions. I'm a liberal and Harper doesn't make me nuts...he makes me sad for the country I love.

    He said he wouldn't appoint senators and then appointed cronies and made the highest number of appointments in CAnadian history. I don't get it. There is stuff he says that does not match what he does.

    Harper voted in favour of the gun registry when it was first introduced. Then he saw a way to get rural votes and then he flipflopped and voted against the gun registry. Sad.

    Harper tried to get Canada on the UN Security Council. Every Liberal PM that made the attempt was succesful. Harper lost for the first time in history. Embarrassing.

    Harper's not a lunatic. He's just another pandering politician. What he is good at is getting people to hate liberals. But the absence of liberals does not make good policy. And Harper has had poor fiscal management and poor international relations.

  3. Oh good, Liberal talking points. Permit me to respond.

    -Harper governed and continues to govern in a recession. Chretien Martin governed through a boom period. McGuinty also governed through a recession, but you have no criticism for him. Chretien-Martin's cuts paved the way for the rise of Harris. Liberals attack Harper for not spending enough and a different group of Liberals attack Harper for wanting to make cuts to various organizations. We can see you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    -Senators: Harper has appointed 41 people to the Senate. Chretien appointed 75, Trudeau appointed 81, and King appointed 103.
    Learn to count.

    -Gun registry: It's called doing what your constituents want. Ask Mark Holland and Larry Bagnell about listening to Canadians on the gun registry.

    -Countries on the Security Council include Morocco, currently in the grip of its own Arab Spring protests; Pakistan, a country where sponsoring of terrorism is common; and Togo, where democracy is in its infancy. The UN seems to have overlooked these problems while rushing to punish Harper for supporting Israel.

    Thanks for recognizing Harper isn't a lunatic. Most Liberals don't get that far. Try to understand that there are people out there who do not venerate the Liberals like you do. They've always been there.

    Accept your party's role in making Harper the man he is today. Once you do, you'll be a lot happier.