Friday, July 6, 2012

Screw The Best, Take The Rest

Hi there, teachers' unions. Welcome to the ever-growing group of people who've been screwed over by Dalton. I think there's some room over there, in the corner, right between the doctors and George Smitherman.

I understand that this may be a difficult time for you. After all, this new unilateral deal Dalton got with the English Catholic Schoolteachers must have been an awful shock. Who could have predicted that Dalton would take the easy way out and cut you guys off at the knees? He's never done that to anyone before! And to cut this deal with the union and leave the school boards affiliated with that union out in the cold? Why, it's almost like Dalton can't be trusted when he says he believes in local democracy!

When you love your government as much as most Canadians do, when you trust it implicitly and never trouble your heads with questions about its motives, so long as it isn't headed by conservatives, or even- gasp- Mike Harris- you just don't see things like this coming. You guys are hardbitten union radicals who believe in solidarity and all that nonsense, but you are still "shocked, dismayed, disheartened, upset and, on occasions, angry" when the government is mean to you.

Well, now that you've take the step of opposing the government, don't expect people to like you anymore. People keep voting for Dalton because he keeps moving Ontario forward and he won't turn us into the 51st state. You don't do anything like that, so this is basically over before you start.

On top of that, you're being all negative about things. That's no way to be succesful! This is Ontario, greatest province in the greatest country in the world. There is no room for unhappiness here!  Perhaps you would have preferred Mike Harris, or maybe even Tim Hudak, who unveiled a white paper that supposedly targets unions this week? As opposed to Dalton, who is not targetting unions at all with this deal? Actually, don't answer that last question.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't ever compare what Dalton is doing to what Harper is doing. If Harper had bargained with a group of people this way, there'd be an uproar and people would fear for the future of their country. You would have been part of that uproar, too! But I guess since Dalton isn't as bad as Harper, you'll forgive him eventually. You always do.


  1. If there ever was an argument for home schooling, charter schools and school vouchers, Ontario's educational system would be front and center

  2. The Pyramid-scheme appears to be finally Imploding under its own weight as the sucker tax -Payers ran out of money to prop-up the base of it and, pay-out the Pot-o-Golds winners at the Apex as they retire and cash-in at the top of the Pyramid.
    The Union bosses should be jailed for this scam to fleece the tax payers and lie to workers that the Government has a b ottomless well of money to steal from over the next 40 years.
    ENRON ran out of Suckers, GM ran out of suckers , AmWay got exposed as a Pyramid-scheme.....and now Sid Ryan and the CAW are exposed along with the teachers and CUPE bottom-feeders sucking us dry while Vacationing in Communist Cuba with OUR money and defending Hamas who murder homosexuals in public as does iran.

    My point????
    I saw this coming about 15 years ago when the CBc and ublic Unions would spit on tax payers and rob us blind with Pensions and benefits on top of the endless Sick-days and bonuses just for showing up at work.
    Now they know how we feel for being $crewed over for 8 years by McLiar who bought Elections with out money and found the Useful-idiots in Unions to throw bobbles at and get votes.

    Looks good on those morons, next comes the CBC lay-offs and TTC deadwood along with CUPE 416 Dead-beats robbing us blind too.