Friday, July 20, 2012

The Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Hand Is Doing

After another long, hard week of getting mad about the Harper government ignoring the evidence, muzzling the media, and making decisions based on short term political gain, the McGuinty Liberals proceeded to ignore the evidence on handgun bans.....

Sharing the shock of his people, the newly elected Prime Minister, John Howard — just two months into his eleven-and-a-half years in power — seized the chance to overhaul Australia's gun laws, trampling all opposition to make them among the strictest in the developed world. "I hate guns," he said at the time. "One of the things I don't admire about America is their slavish love of guns ... We do not want the American disease imported into Australia." Howard argued the tougher laws would make Australia safer. But 12 years on, new research suggests the government response to Port Arthur was a waste of public money and has made no difference to the country's gun-related death rates.

Muzzle the media.......

Our reporter wanted to ask McGuinty one question at the barbecue, and that was about the security breach — Did McGuinty still feel confident that Elections Ontario could run the Kitchener-Waterloo byelection with integrity?

But the question did not get asked. The Record reporter and photographer were told to leave. The reporter was advised to use more generic comments on the topic that McGuinty had made in Guelph earlier that day. And meanwhile, hundreds of Liberals tweeted and shared photos of an event that looked celebratory, cheerful, a sun-drenched rallying of the troops.

And of course, make decisions based on short term political gain.

The Liberal campaign decided to halt construction of a power plant in Mississauga days before last fall's election when they were behind in the polls, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted Thursday.

Ontario taxpayers are on the hook for $190 million for scrapping the project the Liberals had championed and supported until it looked like they might lose the Oct. 6 election.

"This was a campaign undertaking at a time when I think we were still behind in the polls, so it required a government decision which occurred after the election," Duncan told the estimates committee.

You hypocrites think you're better than us. That's what you tell yourselves.

But you're not.

Oh, and why is the Attorney General not calling for a handgun registry instead of an outright ban, guys? You were OK with the federal long-gun registry last year. What gives? Could it be that you don't, and didn't, ever really think the registry went far enough?

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  1. Construction was not halted days before the election, but cynically continued for a month after, the construction firms ramping up activity on this make work project.

    Handguns have been severely restricted since 1934, these criminals break every imaginable handgun law before leaving home.
    It is disgraceful for the Ont AG to make cheap political hay out of such a tragedy. A determined sweep of neighbourhoods, even with existing laws would yield plenty of illegal weapons.That would be better than vacuous talk.