Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nasty, Brutish, Short

So another provincial election is concluded, and another high-flying opposition party cruise controlled their way right back to the opposition benches.

This opposition party, the BC NDP, thought they were going to appeal to people's better natures. Fatigue with the reigning BC Liberals was going to drive a wave of change. They didn't need to stoop to gutter politics and pulling other people down. There was absolutely, positively, no way the BC Liberals could pull this one out.

Lots of PC Party of Ontario people were involved in this BC provincial election. They ran successful BC Liberal campaigns. Kudos to them, for that.

These same PC Party of Ontario people are now going to come back to Ontario and plug themselves right back into the PC Party of Ontario mindset, which is "If we talk about jobs and the economy and "bold ideas" enough, a wave of change is going to catapult us into government and catapult the Liberals out. There's absolutely, positively, no way anyone's going to vote for these tired, out-of-gas and out-of-ideas Liberals."

These same PC Party of Ontario people, by and large, support the federal CPC, who just got their rear ends handed to them out in Labrador by the Justin Trudeau Liberals. But there's absolutely, positively, no way the in-over-his-head Justin Trudeau is going to channel this win into bigger and better things, because the CPC has love-tap attack ads showing JT stripping and playing up his Quebec roots.

If none of these arguments are sinking in, let's think about our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, who pissed away a 4-1 lead in the middle of the third period because there was absolutely, positively, no way anyone could blow a lead that big.

We are not a country of nice people. We pretend we are because that makes us feel good. We, like our neighbours to the south, are a country composed of people who take, and people from whom things are taken. We should acknowledge and accept this fact. But we don't. We can't. Not publicly.

When we act as though everything is on the line, and treat our opponents accordingly, we win. When we try to debate policy or talk about ideas, they eat our lunch. And when our lunch gets eaten, we come up with a huge range of excuses for why it got eaten. Talk about "conservative principles" predominates. But it's got nothing to do with conservative principles or principles of any sort.

The B.C. Liberals also talked about jobs and the economy. But by running those ads, they showed voters that they were willing to fight to protect what was theirs. They didn't act like the government was about to fall into their laps and they took their opponents seriously instead of writing them off as kooky socialists.

When the CPC won government for the first time, it did so by recognizing that principled conservatism represented a one-way ticket back to the opposition benches, and that doing what was necessary was called for. Now the same CPC thinks that we can treat Justin Trudeau with kid gloves, and he'll fall right over. But what they don't seem to realize at the moment is that this man believes he is the King of Canada, and unless we show him, and Canadians, that he is mortal and bleeds the same colour as any other man, he will leave us bloodied on the canvas like Patrick Brazeau. The CPC may have decided like the rest of Canada that Trudeau is the rightful King of this country, and that it is treason to draw a sword against the king.

And because we chose to use cutesy-wutesy TV spots instead of drawing a sword against Trudeau and his candidate in Labrador, Liberals are starting to believe that they have a God-given right to rule this country again. And that is absolutely fatal to us, no matter what the spinmasters tell you.

The PC Party of Ontario should be conducting itself as if it has a God-given right to rule this province and that the notion of a Liberal government is folly, and that every member of the OLP has no right to occupy the seats that they do. Kathleen Wynne sat at the cabinet table when Dalton McGuinty ordered the cancellation of a power plant to save seats for purely political reasons. Then she testified that she knew nothing before a sham of an inquiry that will yield nothing we didn't know already, and we basically acted as if it was just another day at the office and put out another press release about jobs and the economy.

She did this because she knows she can make us feel ashamed by talking about having conversations while we are sulking in the corner. But as we have seen, Kathleen Wynne's Liberals have no problem going after Tim Hudak's wife, and we know that she has no interest in having conversations with any conservative, because she believes conservatives are a lower order of humanity. Her nice lady act is a total sham. We know this. We're not going to call her on it.

The exact same PC Party of Ontario people who just spent the past month making Adrian Dix's life a living hell are not, I repeat, not going to make Kathleen Wynne's life a living hell. They obviously can, but they won't. Instead we're going to get passive aggressive attacks that nobody understands on Liberal policies nobody understands, and then the Liberals are going to call us sexist, racist, and especially homophobic.

It doesn't have to be this way, but it is this way. We know what we have to do, and we're not going to do it.

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