Thursday, May 16, 2013

Occidental Racists

I'm a religious and racial minority, and I have to say that there is nothing funnier than watching a white liberal attempt to show how enlightened and free of prejudice they are and fail horribly (and they always fail horribly). I pity my European-born Christian friends who will never know the sublime pleasure of standing there with a smile on your face as you listen to some pasty overeducated individual attempting to explain how bothered they are by their own white privilege and the white privilege of others.

Unlike our white liberal friends, I'm not going to pretend to be able to speak for anyone else, but if I had to choose between open naked bigotry and quiet polite racism perpetrated by condescending liberals, I'd definitely opt for the former, because I know where they stand. If someone makes a joke about my people, I won't mind so long as I can make a joke about theirs without them getting offended. (White people are very easily offended, I find.)

White liberals are right about one thing, and that's that white people have disproportionate amounts of power compared to minorities. But it's entirely obvious to me, at least, that white liberals have the lion's share of that power. In ridings across Ontario that are packed with people of colour, you have hapless and completely clueless white Liberal MPP's surrounded by coteries of "advisors" that try to keep their bosses from humiliating themselves too severely whenever it's time to meet the ethnics. When a minority Liberal MPP is elevated to cabinet, that's supposed to be a big victory for whatever group that MPP belongs to, but invariably I hear lots of under-the-radar complaining from Liberals about how those MPP's supposedly can't manage themselves and need to be supervised. Does anyone ever call these Liberals out for what they're doing?

And whenever there's a leadership campaign, like the one the Liberals just had, they have designated people who are supposed to be the representative of each community. The idea is, that when White Candidate X becomes Premier or Prime Minister, you go through the designated gatekeeper, and if the gatekeeper likes you, then the enlightened whitey at the top will pull the appropriate lever. Don't bother trying to get stuff done on your own.

Do Conservatives do this? Of course. But Conservatives don't claim to have knowledge that they actually don't. They don't endlessly relate to my race or religion as if it's the only thing about me and how it's something to be carefully tiptoed around.

White liberal atheists are fascinated by my religious practices. They don't ever stop asking questions. But why? Well, because they're not really atheists; they just had bad experiences at Catholic school.

Offer them some ethnic food they've never tried before? They look at it like it's going to bite them. "Well, I'm not sure how to eat it!" they burble.  Then they become terrified that I will lose my mind if they serve something I'm not used to.

Invite them to a holiday celebration that they've never been to? "Oh dear, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? Look at all the differently coloured people! Super uncomfortable! Super awkward!" Aren't these people supposed to be experts on the effects of systematic racism and stuff like that? So how about learning a little bit about the cultures you're supposed to be "protecting"?

But the absolute best is when white liberals pick a side in a conflict happening halfway around the world. They can't help doing this. There isn't enough oppression happening here in Canada for them; they have to elevate themselves to global oppression-fighters. But what do you do when the culture who's doing the alleged oppressing are themselves minorities? Oh noez!

Well, actually it isn't really that much of a problem (for them). Because it's not happening here in Canada, most white liberals immediately side with whoever's being oppressed and make loud statements about (insert country here) atrocities and war crimes without thinking about how the Canadian diaspora will react.

It's important to remember that for the most part, we're not talking about people who are doing Ph.D.'s in IR here; these are your garden variety hipsters who didn't even know the country they're excoriating today existed yesterday. If you've been to whatever country you're slamming, if you can demonstrate some expertise in the area, if you understand the reasons for the conflict, then you might have something worthwhile to say. The majority of these people getting their rage on do not.

Now here is where the magic happens. If you are a white conservative (or any conservative, really) and you say something like, "The Occupy Movement people need to get off their asses and get a job," or "Quebeckers should stop sucking on the taxpayer's tit" or "Native people should stop threatening Canadians who've never done anything to them", then you are the worst person ever according to these white liberals for judging people you know nothing about using your privileged white perspective on society. Then these exact same people turn around and blast a country they've never been to and that they know practically nothing about!

Then something even funnier happens. When these overeducated palefaces dump on whatever country it is, people who have relatives or some connection to that country react negatively to the criticism, as you might appreciate. Sometimes these hyphenated Canadians even call them racists! And how do these people react? By explaining! By denying their criticisms are based in hatred! By accusing others of shutting down debate! Of not wanting to have a conversation! Of being too sensitive!

Which are.....all things privilege-deniers (yes, that is a word that they use to talk about us....similar to "climate-change denier") do that infuriate leftists. When a leftist pulls this trick on you- saying, "Sorry, I don't care how progressive you claim to be, you can't ever understand what it's like to understand what it's like to be a person who's discriminated against, so by denying that it's as bad as we say it is, you're part of the problem".....well, guess what. If those same leftists criticize a country for carrying out "human rights abuses", and they can't understand what it's like to live there, I guess they must be racists! They're not acknowledging how criticism of (whatever country) contributes to discrimination against whatever minority comes from that country! By their own insane leftist non-logic, they must be racists too, and they have no right to claim that they are NOT racists!

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  1. Now a days white entitlement is taught by many school boards. So expect future Tories to start acting like that, too!