Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There'll Be No Shelter Here

The NDP in Scarborough Guildwood can afford bus shelter ads. BUS SHELTER ADS. I found this to be so amazing that I took a picture and decided to share it with you. Here it is:

"Vote for us and we totally won't blow tax dollars on expensive stuff we don't need!"
You incredible bunch of failbots. You're fighting the Liberals tooth and nail and you have all this union cash flow and you decide to use it on this instead of something like, oh, I don't know, GOTV? You really think plastering Adam Giambrone's bizarre cube-shaped head on one or two bus shelters is going to be the difference maker? Look at his head! It's got right angles! Right angles, I say!
Yup, this is totally a party that is in touch with oppressed people who are desperately trying to stretch a dollar. You've got a white woman and a dudebro who bigfooted a woman of colour local activist for the nomination so that they could get back at the Liberals for poaching Ken Coran. If you want to convince people that the NDP have learned from the mistakes of the Bob Rae days, this is the way you want to go!
Whatever. Keep on splitting the vote, guys, it's what you do best.

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