Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Rob Ford "ally" Peter Milczyn (the Toronto Star's words, not mine) and Civic Action CEO Mitzie Hunter- Civic Action being John Tory's outfit, of course-  are now Liberal candidates alongside union commissar Ken Coran, who, as it was recently revealed, backed the winner in the NDP nomination race for the very riding he plans to run in.

Milczyn is hilarious:

"Mr. Milczyn does not plan to give up his council seat to run, noting that regular meetings at city hall will soon stop for the summer. Mr. Milczyn, an architect who chairs the city's planning committee, said the jump to provincial politics was unexpected.“Over the course of the last week I was approached by a number of people – insistently so. It's an opportunity to move ahead,” he said."
Yeah, no biggie- some people came and asked, so I figured, what the hell, I'd do the jump to provincial politics. It's not like city council is sitting or whatever, so if I lose, I'll just go right back to my old job! It's not as nice as an MPP post, but it'll do just in case I don't win! Which I will!

And when you think about Coran backing the NDP candidate that he will be running against....he's really doing the same thing as Milczyn, isn't he? All this talk about parties and principles really doesn't add up to much after all, does it? We are ALL on the same team- the GOVERNMENT team. (And those who aren't are in for an eternity of pain.)

Sure, cynics like me can speculate that the unions are just keeping their bases covered, whereas Milczyn doesn't like the current closeness between Ford and the PC Party, and Hunter is running to stick it to the knuckle-draggers who undermined her boss John Tory at every turn while he was PCPO leader, but that's just sour grapes.

I need to stop being so serious, serious, serious about things and realize that we live in the most perfectest province in the most wonderfullest country in the entire universe!


  1. Not perfect, but darn close. (Still want Justin in and Harper out of 24 Sussex) Life is pretty good and I love my country and fantastic province as I am sure you do! Get active and enjoy life - this political party stuff gets mindless and repetitive - Libs bad, NDP really bad, Cons super - you need a holiday and you need to get happy again.


    Unpaid "Liberal" troll typle fellow who is going for a walk around the block and won't be reading any more newspapers or blogs until Thursday.

    1. Well you know, those of us who *have* jobs can't be so blasé, but, hey, enjoy that chilled out, world-owes-me-a-living frame of mind while you can, dudebro.

      And when you get back from your break (break from what exactly, I can't say), tell your fellow Harper haters that they're doing such a great job at slamming the PM all day, every day, mindlessly and repetitively, that I couldn't hope to hold a candle to them.