Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eye of The Beholder

When I write about the efforts of left wing activists to appropriate power for themselves, I do it for the same reason I became a conservative in the first place: not because I'm overly interested in defending the rights of the powerful, but because at least the defenders of the powerful are honest (OK- they can be honest, from time to time) about what they want, and don't pretend to hold a set of high-minded ideals which they obviously do not have. This false moral superiority- this claiming to be fighting social evils under the guise of social justice- is why I write pejoratively about social justice warriors. As long as I draw breath, I'll never understand why people have to perform increasingly complicated mental backflips to cover up their true feelings.

For example: The fact that, in Western society, historically, white people have had and continue to have advantages over non white people is undeniable. As I pointed out in my previous post, nobody can deny that without looking silly. Unfortunately, though, that's not good enough for the social justice warriors, who want to make sure you understand that racism against white people cannot and does not exist and that they have no time to listen to how white people may or may not have been legitimately treated poorly or felt upset.

Now again: the feelings of white people are not what I'm concerned about here myself. All that concerns me is that if you're trying to make the case that you're attempting to move the species forward in spite of itself, you kind of have to not let your own pain get in the way of all that, so that jerks like myself don't think, "Oh. This has nothing to do with social justice. This is really all about your own stuff." Don't get me wrong: if your aim is simple revenge, there's a definitive case to be made for that. It's what's called rational selfishness.

But you see, for the social justice warriors, A is not A. Not all feelings are equal. The bias in favour of whiteness is so pervasive that any act of discrimination against white people is irrelevant. It's kind of like how the Ontario Liberals blame Mike Harris and Stephen Harper for everything and write off the egregious stuff they do as not really worth worrying about.

There are other ways you can prove that social justice warriors don't really care about social justice. If you cite an example of minorities doing well in spite of this apparently massive bias against them here in the West, you'll usually get something sputtered out about "internalized racism."

If you are a minority and you don't spend your time talking about how your colour or religion holds you back, you've got internalized racism. Instead of staying truth to yourself, you pretended to be as white as possible, and that's the only possible way you could have made it. Thomas Sowell has internalized racism. Amy Chua has internalized racism. Dinesh D'Souza has internalized racism. Michelle Malkin has internalized racism. Ford supporters who are not white certainly have internalized racism.

I could deal with this by pointing out that it's enormously insulting to assume you know how people got the views that they have, but instead I'll just offer up the following story:

When I grew up, I went to a religious school that taught me, among other things, that my race was unique and special, that we were chosen by God, and that we had a special inalienable right to a certain disputed area of land over which people routinely kill one another. This was not "internalized racism." This is the literal teaching of the religion in which I was raised. Many other religions and cultures teach and reinforce something very similar, and in many cases these teachings predate the Western capitalist culture these social justice warrior fools are railing against by a very long time.


Now you can claim that this is horrific and wrong and an example of the evils of religion, but you're not going to get help from the social justice warriors who are preoccupied with destroying the "ideal" of "whiteness". Of course that makes sense when you consider that this is not actually about any big important ideals like social justice which have to be followed consistently. How can we expect predominantly white leftists with first world problems to know anything about what actually goes on in places like Saudi Arabia or Zimbabwe where non-white people do legitimately awful things? It's not part of their frame of reference since these people know nothing outside their own experience anyway.

Isn't it fascinating how everything these people do proves the correctness of the conservative way of thinking?


  1. "Isn't it fascinating how everything these people do proves the correctness of the conservative way of thinking?"

    Not really. It's called confirmation bias.

    1. Confirmation bias also causes you to dismiss arguments you don't agree with without thinking seriously about them.