Friday, October 10, 2014

The Running Man

Mild-mannered Richard Klagsbrun was just doing his thing, blogging at Eye On A Crazy Planet and writing about educational issues, until one day, fed up with mismanagement at the Toronto District School Board, he decided to run for school trustee in downtown Toronto.

He didn't have grand political ambitions. He didn't know about the politics of his opponent and trustee-apparent, 
union puppet and Hezbollah flag-waver Ausma Malik, until he got into the race. And he certainly didn't know that by putting his name on the ballot, he would turn a low-profile trustee race into a national news story. Now he's up against the social justice warrior machine, in what might be the fight of his life.

Who are social justice warriors? They used to be your basic leftists, but around 2011 they kind of got fed up with how the right was marching to victory every time because people were worried about jobs and the economy after the recession and the right had the issue of the economy well in hand. Realizing that they were never going to win so long as the concept of the economy mattered to people, they set out to demonstrate massively against income inequality, as well as racism and misogyny and all the other problems that come along with living in a world where an economy matters. They decided they were going to shut down the system entirely and start a new one. They were going to make use of social media to attack capitalism and racism en masse wherever they saw it. Instead of wasting their time reaching out to drones like you and me who are embedded in the system, they decided they were going to destroy the system and that would be so awesome that people would join them of their own free will.

In summary, social justice warriors are the new face of the left, people who are so done with being not-haves that they have collectively said #YOLO and have stopped worrying about collateral damage. This is crucial. In days of yore you could always count on the left to come to the table and talk about the economy and how to make it so people who didn't have it so good would be taken care of in some way. No more. These people are damn proud of what they're doing and how awesome they are for doing it.

At the three major levels of government, where there is scrutiny by the media and an organized resistance, they have to move forward slowly. But in places like the Toronto District School Board, where there is less scrutiny, the social justice warrior agenda is given free rein. The result: Widespread misuse of public money. Barely disguised attempts to promote the agendas of governments with awful human rights records under the guise of helping students "understand their history". Attempts to exorcise the demon of white privilege.

Their M.O. is always the same:

Step 1: Find a group of unsuspecting people congregating together, slightly out of sight from the public view
Step 2: Surprise them with a swarm of attacks
Step 3: Take advantage of their disorganization and confusion to impose their agenda.

As they spread from sector to sector, coming soon to a theater near you, the social justice warriors must, eventually, make their presence known in your world. If you have a thing that you like, that thing is going to be attacked as a symptom of our diseased culture, and you need tostop liking it because if you just like the thing without being intensely critical of the thing, you're just perpetuating the culture.

So let me reiterate: You, Mr. or Mrs. Blog Reader Type Person, will soon be in the same position as our friend Richard, having to defend yourself against incursions from the social justice warriors, whether you want to or not. 

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