Monday, February 9, 2015

All About Eve

One of the big underreported stories of the last year, which had probably more relevance for the political world than anyone will ever know, was #Gamergate.

I'll summarize it in three sentences for those of you who missed it: 
-Feminist Anita Sarkeesian said video games reinforced sexism and made people who played video games more likely to have unconscious hatred of women (because, again, hatred is not natural) 
-The video gaming section of the Internet took it personally, exploded in stupid-angry denial and in some cases threatened Sarkeesian personally with lots of sexist abuse and violence instead of responding to her (debatable) points
-Because there was a lot of sexist abuse and violence threatened, it proved Sarkeesian's point better than she could have ever proven it herself. 

I can't prove whether Sarkeesian and her crew of feminists knew the gaming section of the Internet was going to erupt in rage and prove her point. I did know, however, that when Eve Adams crossed the floor there would be an extremely predictable and quite similar rage-offering, wherein Adams would be called a bimbo, a crazy lady with too much makeup, an opportunist backstabbing woman, and lots of other unprintable things that for whatever reason focused on her being a woman instead of the utter hollowness and disingenuity of her reasons for crossing the floor. 

This may be difficult to understand, but the chuckleheads on Facebook and Twitter who think they are advancing the CPC cause by saying these things about Adams are doing Trudeau's work for him. 

All they had to do was keep their mouths shut and let Trudeau and Adams embarrass themselves at that disaster of a press conference. There was an inordinate amount of fail up there already and if they hadn't turned Adams into a victim the LPC wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. Liberal staffers were gagging on this latest poison pill they were forced to swallow. 

But no. You fools are so frightened of Trudeau that you just cannot restrain yourselves. And so the Liberals rallied around Adams instead of rejecting her, and the completely reasonable and logical case to be made for saying "WTF?" to Eve Adams the instant Liberal went right out the window. Trudeau lives to fight another day, Adams gets to play the wounded gazelle, and conservatives get rope a doped yet again. 

Trudeau being a complete ninny doesn't give conservatives the green light to start flinging their poop everywhere and hoping nobody notices. I pray that this gets remembered come election time, or else the CPC will be looking at opposition for long, long while. 


  1. I think the Liberal "get" here is Dimitri Soudas. He is privy to all the inside info on Conservative plans for the next election and would greatly benefit the Liberals. He has made it extremely clear that he is going to support Adams no matter where she hangs her hat. Adams is just a side show the Liberals will hold there nose and accept in order to get that intel.

    1. Newsflash : there are no secret plans for the next election. Everyone knows what each party is going to do. One thing you don't do is welcome a rat turncoat close in the fold. Remember the mole?

  2. Tremendous. So the right has missed the mark by an even wider margin. Just great.

  3. She did have a point by saying HArper was a dick.

  4. Justin Trudeau paused, looked over the heads of reporters, and started to respond three times before finally spitting out the surprise announcement that Liberal MPs elected in 2015 would be expected to vote against putting limits on abortion.

    The May edict, delivered as it was in response to a reporter's question, left some wondering whether he was making up policy on the fly. It didn't help that Trudeau and the party twice later clarified what he meant.

    Liberal officials say Trudeau was simply voicing the firm ideal they've held since a 2012 policy convention, at which 90 per cent of those present affirmed the party's pro-choice stance.