Tuesday, November 9, 2010

International Incident

So it seems that Dalton's strings are being pulled by other powers as well as those within our own province.

I can see why Liberals love China. Relatives of government officials in China are able to hit ordinary people with their cars without penalty, something which is done with alarming regularity by members of Dalton's government. Dalton likes to use people in photo ops, and so does the Chinese government. The Chinese government won't stop until it controls everything and anything, and Dalton is, well, Dalton. The main difference I can find between Ontario and China is that Dalton is more popular there than he is here.

For an Education Premier, Dalton doesn't seem to be too concerned about the difficulties grad students are having here in Ontario. It's a fact of life that university students don't pose for cute photo ops very often with the Premier so perhaps that's understandable. And it's also understandable that a Premier that campaigned so memorably for inequality in government funding for education during the 2007 election would extend these scholarships to Chinese students only and not to students from other trendy countries. (Maybe Dalton had some bad Indian food the other day?)

It's not just whiteys like myself that are annoyed about this. Native Ontarians have a right to be angry at the lack of support Dalton and his alleged Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Chris Bentley shows to native students, too. So until Dalton takes responsibility for that, he and his goons might want to think twice before hurling accusations of racism at Conservatives.


  1. An Ontario doctorate in the soft sciences isn't what it used to be. Will engineering and medicine be next?

  2. trendy countries? Last time I checked, most people resent all the brown people on college campuses.

  3. Someone needs to inform our McPremier that he is not, in fact, the Foreign Affairs Minister. Bob Rae is probably very jealous.