Friday, November 26, 2010

Short and To The Point #3

You know, for a guy who has a problem with Tim Hudak's supposed lack of planning, Willowdale MPP David Zimmer sure didn't prepare too much before walking into this press conference.

While you're filing that FOI request, Dave, how about you check on the status of this one? 

How about this one, in the interests of non-partisanship? 

I think I'll submit my own Freedom of Information request to find out why the Liberals have failed to get it right on hydro rates after seven years in government. I think we're all entitled to an explanation there.


  1. I love it when Liberals are barefoot and on the run.

  2. We could heat all the homes in Ontario with the energy being expended by Liberals as they run and hide.

    Heyyyy.....maybe I just leaked our energy plan! :P