Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Way Too Different To Ever Be Pals

He's a tired, out of touch Premier who gets whiny when people say mean things about his energy plan. (Who's only 11 months away from retirement!)

He's a disciplined, professional Premier-in-waiting who just dominated at the Leader's Dinner in Markham. (Too bad I didn't go with the movie preview intro for this post, otherwise I'd be able to say, "This summer...Tim, am I the first one to point out how much Tim resembles Michael Keaton?)

These two couldn't possibly be more different!

-Dalton listens to his unelected experts that have gotten the province nowhere. Tim listens to actual Ontarians at 

-Dalton has introduced more taxes than I can count, even if I took off my shoes and used my toes. In his speech tonight, Tim made it clear that it's a question of which kind of tax relief Ontarians will get first.

-Dalton likes to let shadowy government funded bodies do his dirty work. Tim made it clear tonight that he will force them to justify their existence. And since there is no justification for what these assassins do, there's going to be a lot of out-of-work Liberals.

-Dalton lets overpaid consultants and government appointees decide how health care is to be run in our province. Tim has committed to supporting frontline healthcare and will put power back into the hands of local healthcare professionals.

You may have noticed that Tim talked about priorities in this speech. He is not only doing this because Conservatives have a tendency to win elections where we talk about a small number of priorities, but also because Dalton, like most left-wing leaders nowadays, can't decide what to do first.

Tim will deliver an Ontario that is focused. Dalton has delivered an Ontario that's drifted way, way off track.

And that's a difference that puts a smile on my face.


  1. I don't give a rat's behind about 'tax relief'. That will NOT bring Ontario back. It's a wish-fulfillment fantasy that it will. At this point, anyone with REAL money is sending it offshore into foreign investments, because we are going down by the bow.
    What I care about is a balanced budget, an energy policy that does not depend on McGinty's stupid green power, and an Industrial Strategy that focuses on jobs NOT in the destructive and parasitic Financial Services Industry.

    Just on the first item --- how does Hudak propose to balance the budget or does he believe like the rest of the clowns that a State can spend more than it generates FOREVER with no consequences whatsoever? Since that has worked out ever so well for us, let's just continue, eh ?

  2. Well, as Mr. Ford proved last month, you can't win an election with policy. I suspect priority #1 for our party over the next short while is making sure Dalton has as many headaches as possible.

    And Dalton is waaaaay too boring to be any kind of Joker. He does look flat and plastic enough to have come off of a playing card though. The Knave of Clubs, perhaps?