Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Communist Walks Into The Ontario Young Liberal AGM....

Yeah, that sounds like every Conservative joke about Liberals ever, but it actually happened.

Here's my favourite part:

As one of the only people I talked to who knew a decent amount about the student movement in Quebec, our conversation was a refreshing one. In fact, I found myself agreeing with him on quite a few things. That is, until the liberal hammer came down. He told me that he too was a Marxist, but a pragmatic one. I asked him what this meant, and he told me that he saw joining the Liberal party as the most realistic way to act upon Marx’s critique of capitalism.

Interesting. How many more members of Dalton's Youth League agree with the red square-sporting Montreal Marxists?


  1. Ok, we get it. You took 1st year politics. Yawn.

  2. Actually, no I didn't. Where are you doing your research? :P