Friday, May 4, 2012

In The Land Of The One-Seat Minority, The Floor Crosser Is King

Liberals courting Tory and NDP MPPs to resign to force more by-elections.

Didn't these chuckleheads say last month that they didn't want an election, and it'd be Hudak's fault if we had one?

Where did they get the idea that people actually wanted a bunch of little elections?

Look, we all despise Dalton and his cronies, but after a certain point you can't blame them for doing this stuff if they know the public will let them get away with it.

And people wonder why I have no patience for bottom-up politics!


  1. Hudak's political instincts thus far have proven to be terrible!

  2. Does anyone have any *solutions* for this state of affairs? Anyone at all?