Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Wall Of Separation

I'm not Catholic, but I have observed that the Catholic Church comprises a pretty powerful group of people. Usually, governments take them on at their peril. Not Dalton McGuinty's government, though.

The chief problem here, as it is for any opponent of Dalton McGuinty, is that the Catholic Church is not the government of Ontario. Like most Ontarians, I do not like the idea of a church being the government. I am unlike most Ontarians, however, in that I also do not like it when the government is the church.

Look at what's going on in Quebec right now. The people of Quebec had a Quiet Revolution, and now they're having a very loud revolution. In Quebec, the government is definitely not the church. In Quebec, they have come to the understanding that there are some things the government can't get away with without a real fight. It is also that way in many other regions of the country. It is also that way in many other countries around the world. But, not in Ontario.

It is an entirely rational and correct response for Ontario Liberals to be worried about a global explosion of unrest. Global explosions of unrest, when they happen, tend to shake things up enough so that just doing the socially acceptable thing won't work. And when the socially acceptable thing doesn't work anymore, you might as well be taking a Liberal's oxygen away.

But I draw your attention back to the idea that the Ontario government is at loggerheads with the freaking Catholic Church and Dalton doesn't seem too worried. Not about the Church itself, or about people who send their kids to Ontario's Catholic schools and don't seem to care for mandatory GSA's, or anybody who has an opinion that differs from the government.

Why, there's even talk of defunding the Catholic school system. But that's silly. No way Dalton would ever get away with that. Right? I mean, obviously Ontario's Catholics would hit the streets in protest, not unlike the red squares in Quebec, if that ever happened. Right? Ummmmm......well, I don't know. Like I said, I'm not a Catholic.

You know what? Maybe I've got this whole thing backwards. Maybe Quebec is catching up to us. Back when Mike Harris was Premier, there was a lot of social unrest here, too. Mike Harris tried to put forward some ideas that could be credibly called "conservative" ideas, and the experience was so traumatic for Ontarians that we decided that no matter what the government does, we'll never have social unrest again.


  1. Mike Harris did the right thing. He did what had to be done. The unions did not like it. Mcguinty is owned by the unions particularly the public school teachers union. They are pushing to eliminate the Catholic schools. They have an agenda... it is called protecting their jobs. Declining enrolment is a threat to them so the best option is to steal the kids from the Catholic system.

  2. How odd that when McLiar had first gotten Elected he broke his Election promise to fund Autism-Children's health care because " The Courts can't tell Elected Governments what to do". But then , prior to the same-hende marriage Act, McLiar ran out and passed over 150 new Laws to meet the new rules set by " THE COURTS" .
    McLiar can't get his lies straight because he now holds up the Charter and Barbara Hall for why he must obey the Courts and HRC's rulings. BUT....McLiar knows damn well that the CRA presumes Guilt for Income Tax ruling that forces people to pay the fine ,AND then get a lawyer to show you are innocent.
    McLiar knows that when the Cops go to a house where a spouse can lie that they were injured by the male, that the Police assume Guilt and remove the male partner as GUILTY first and THEN can fight it in Court.

    Liberalism seems to now be a mild form of Mental-Illness where there is NO moroal compass or synapses to link the conscience to the sins by McLiar who actually belives he's a good Leader and will pay down the Debts and deficit by 2017.
    Amazing, McLiar promised to Over-spend for another 5 years and yet got Elected one more time. The Useful-idiots in Unions just sealed our future as the Welfare-State with the Welfare/Industrial/complex that will grow and grow to consume every dollar from health care and schools.