Monday, October 31, 2011

Hepburn Gets Burned

First thing you learn in fancy-pants Jurnalizm Skool: check your sources. Over to you, Ms. Elliott:

I want to set the record straight about Bob Hepburn’s inaccurate assertions. I am focused on representing the people of Whitby-Oshawa and, despite what Mr. Hepburn suggests, I have absolutely no intention of resigning my seat. The confidence placed in me by my constituents is something that I will continue to work every day to retain.

My husband, Jim Flaherty, is honoured by the responsibility given to him by Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the last five years to serve as Canada’s finance minister during these difficult times. He continues to play a pivotal role in helping Canada demonstrate international leadership on economic matters. He has no intention of leaving his role in Ottawa to seek the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. Jim and I are united behind Tim Hudak.

Take note, kids: this is what happens when you do the Liberals' dirty work.

Anybody else care to stand up and be counted as one of the so called "leadership candidates"?

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