Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Brick Short Of A Load

Geez, that's gotta suck for Dalton. One short of a majority.

Could it have been due to the bumbling of Sarah Thomson, the "star" candidate for Trinity Spadina who lost thanks to her hilariously terrible "dance-campaigning?"

This woman almost became an MPP, people!!!

Or perhaps due to the failure of Bernie Farber, close friend to the War Room Boss, who thought people would forget about his past commitment to faith-based schools?

Or maybe it was the Liberals down south who couldn't stand against the mighty wind generated by Wind Concerns Ontario?

With a possible second recession looming, Dalton's got less room to maneuver. Already, the media is starting to comment about how alienated the Liberals are from rural regions of the province. The people of Ontario, who turned out in record low numbers for last Thursday's election, are clearly not in the mood for more legislative games, or for a post-election kick to the gonads in the form of another tax hike. If Dalton takes the easy way out and induces one of the opposition MPP's to be the Speaker, or simply gets one of them to cross the floor, he could share the same fate as the last guy who tried something like that. Playing legislative games so that he can continue Moving Forward Together is not going to sit well with the people who just cut his lead.

So it's time for another one of those interesting experiments I like so much. Is Dalton going to tread carefully, or keep marching to his own drummer?


  1. He's taping to some of Hudaks' people see who will cross the floor for a cabinet post. He's going to pull a Harper/Emerson. Harper pioneered the technique so you probably have no objection.

  2. The most obvious candidate for the award is Carol Mitchell, Agr. minister who went from a +7000 Vote margin in 2007, to a 4500 deficit in Huron-Bruce. Her callous disregard for constituents sick from wind turbines, and zealous boosterism for wind development sealed her fate.

  3. John Oakley did an interview with new MPP Greg Saberra who had the nerve to tell John that the $265'000'000'000.00 Debt that cost $10 Billion a year to fund , is not an issue because the Province is in good shape and they showed this in their Platform where an Economist costed-out the promises and assured that would be NO NEW TAXES.
    John came back at him to ask if the Liberal plan was to use their Power to Raise Taxes, Greg fell back to the safe position and said that the Economist assure them they could do everything they promise with no new Taxes.

    In other words , the Liberal's WILL use the Tax system to pay for their promises and then Blame the report as being bad advice that didn't build-in a safety-zone for unexpected expenses that forced them to raise the Taxes one more time.
    I think it should be a Tax-fraud crime to buy Votes from the Public Unions with promises of Raises and Better Pensions and benefits with no Costed-Out report for how to pay for it, Canada already has a $200'000'000'000.00 unfunded Liability for the Future costs to Public Union workers that wwere promised the Moon by the Politicians next to them at the Public trough gorging like crazy as Jack,Olivia and Libby Davies enjoyed doing as they crusade for the poor and seniors.

    So, let the Student-Debt crisis in Ontario be given the same rant from the Liberal MPP that it's not a crisis in Ontario because the books are in great shape and GREEN jobs are juts over the next hill to solve all our problems.

  4. I have no problem with the practice of floor crossing, and McGuinty's welcome to try. Whoever crosses the floor is unlikely to be re-elected- Scott Brison's the only one I can think of who either wasn't defeated or quit soon after. And if he does get someone to cross to get his majority, voters will be reminded of it every single time he passes a bill. Not good.

    Also, McGuinty's going to be in a heap of trouble when those unions come calling for the bill for services rendered. As if he didn't have enough to deal with already.

  5. Dalton couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag...
    He'll continue to march to the "war Room Boss's" tune...thats a given!

  6. "Also, McGuinty's going to be in a heap of trouble when those unions come calling for the bill for services rendered. As if he didn't have enough to deal with already."

    Mr. J, can you imagine Dalton telling unions the cupboard is bare? Neither can I.

    He has another challenge. With non-existent rural support, he'll have to bend to urban Ontario's demands in a bid to hold onto power.

  7. "Harper pioneered the technique so you probably have no objection"

    Actually, I think Martin/Stronach were the real pioneers if history is correct.

  8. Someone should ask McGuinty what he plans on doing when interest rates rise. That $10 billion a year is based on the lowest interest rates ever seen. A 2% increase and that $10 billion more than doubles.

  9. Regardless of McGuinty inducing someone to cross the floor, or forming a Liberal/NDP axis, he will be facing a real and formidable opponent soon; the bond rating agencies.

    Premier Downgrade has a nice ring to it.....