Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reasons Why We Lost: Ask Not What The Party Can Do For You

Boy, those unions really grind my gears. Who do they think they are, interfering in provincial elections like that? Obviously the federal government needs to pass the new law making unions open their books, and the provincial party needs to do more to expose the relationship between the Liberals and the Working Families Coalition.....and, um....

Um, wait a second, why are we sitting around waiting for the federal and provincial party to do something about this? We are supposed to be conservatives, right? You know...we do stuff ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it?

Right now, there is a family suing Dalton McGuinty's government because they feel that wind farms in rural Ontario made them sick. Mind you, these people are not Principled Conservatives who spend the bulk of their time whining about how Hudak would have won every seat in the province if only they'd been listened to. No, they are just a group of Ontario citizens- and remember that they have been sick- who took matters into their own hands.

Yet somehow, we seem to have lost the ability to do anything without the express consent of HQ, the people whom- if you listen to the Principled Conservatives- cannot be bothered to listen. Well, permit me to suggest that if these selfsame Principled Conservatives were to actually DO SOMETHING to show they could do a better job than the people they complain about, then maybe the party would start listening.

What could that something be, you may ask? Let me list a few things that would really, really help right about now for all Ontarians:

-Somewhere, there is proof of some understanding or agreement between Dalton and the Working Families Coalition. The WFC would not do all it does for free. Somebody out there knows a union member, or maybe is a union member, or knows someone who knows a union member, who is privy to this information. Find it.

-There was a report in the Star during the election about the Coalition for a Better Ontario, which created a bunch of ads during the 1999 election that got Harris re-elected. Would anyone be interested in forming such a group? Don't everyone jump forward at once.

-Is there a possibility of a legal challenge here, to have these unions or the government disclose their contributions? McGuinty says the rules were followed. What are these rules? How can we, the laypeople who don't have law degrees, find out if they were followed? Do we not have a group of lawyers that can explain this? Would a lawyer like to make him or herself famous by taking on this project?

-If you don't want to take on McGuinty's union machine, then maybe you know something about how one of his MPP's were involved in something they shouldn't have been. There is a distinct lack of people willing to step forward and be counted on this, so I will get the ball rolling:

On one of the Toronto campaigns I worked on, we received a bunch of calls saying that people were being intimidated into taking signs for the Liberal MPP. This Liberal MPP is connected quite closely to a local councillor, who - so I was told- is capable of making certain decisions about rezoning laws.

Stories like this abound, but nobody wants to come forward to substantiate any part of it. That makes knocking off these Liberal MPP's difficult.

Unless I missed something major and we actually live in some third-world country, there is nothing stopping anyone from trying to unearth these details. While I'm not blogging or working at my real job, I'm doing exactly that. What's your excuse?


  1. The party ignored the work and efforts of it's members plain and simple. PC staffers were more harm than help.
    Mark Spiro is an apologist in behalf of Dalton.

  2. How were PC staffers more harm than help?