Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hudak Declares War On Unions

Prepare to die, Working Families Coalition.

It is the first time he has said he would consider freezing the pay of the province's more than one million public sector workers. Wages take up 55% of the provincial budget, costing the Ontario government more than $50-billion a year.

A two-year wage freeze would save $2-billion a year.

"We're all in this together and I expect the unions to be responsible," Mr. Hudak said, referring to the province's deficit, which is projected to be $16-billion this year. "The problem is Dalton McGuinty always folds. Over and over again, Dalton McGuinty has thrown down his cards and handed over the chips. We can't afford that anymore."

I think a whole bunch of Principled Conservatives just found their reason to get off the bench.

And I think a whole bunch of Liberal-friendly unions are getting very. Very. FRIGHTENED.

Oh, and just remember, friends: McGuinty cannot be trusted to stand up to these vampires. He will most certainly be beholden to them if he wins.


  1. Sure... if only he had announced this as a platform plank, it might have meant something. At this point it's a moot point - Hudak blew this election, and I look forward to trying to find a conservative leader who will actually propose a conservative platform next time.

    By the time McGuinty and Horvath are done 4 years from now, Ontarians will be more than ready.

    Of course, they were more than ready this time too, but we gave them nothing.

  2. Awww he thinks Hudak is serious. How cute. It will be so sad when caves.

  3. A little late dont ya think? The province needs to save 20 billion a year, it cant be done with Hudak or McGuinty, so, we shrug our shoulders and let it pile on. Cutting 15 billion a year would just get us out of our yearly deficit, and, nothing from Hudak. He's John Tory, he's Ernie Eves...he aint no Mike Harris. Not sure whats worse, the party leaders who refuse to stand strong, or, the voters who refuse to pay attention.

  4. I guess I don't have the ability to predict the future like some people, so how about this, guys: Let's wait until Thursday, when the electorate has had their say, and then we'll have a nice long discussion. OK? :)

  5. Platform planks that should have been; cut deficit in one year. Reduce spending to 1999 levels. Scrap full day kindergarten. Scrap green energy act. Scrap hrc's.
    Now that would have been a platform I could get behind. I'll vote for him still but I will be holdingy nose on the process.

  6. Mm-hmm. I certainly wish, though, that people would have complained about this back in May if it was a problem, but then I remember that we were at 40% then and it's much easier to declare the election lost 4 days before e-day.

    All I know is, I'm doing everything in my power to get rid of Dalton. Those who want to lose confidence now can sit on the bench and feel proud of themselves if Dalton pulls it off.

  7. Oh, and in the event of a PC Party of Ontario government on Oct. 6th, I'm very much looking forward to the "Hudak is a genius" comments I will no doubt get. :)

  8. Actually, Mr. J. I was writing emails and letters to the PC leadership in Ontario more than a year ago, and commenting at Blogging Tories about Mr. Hudak's invisibility.

    I spoke to a local organizer about the lack of a platform earlier this year,and was told that it was "all part of the plan".

    I commented about about the vacuous nature of "Changebook" and lack of a conservative platform, the betrayal of his HRC promise, not to mention the silliness of some of what he brought out (chain gangs...).

    The most striking thing was the silence. Never a single response from a single PC party person. Only spam mails (since I am a member of the party). Also surprising was how often - I would say at least 50% of the time - comments I left at Blogging Tories sites that were unflattering to Mr. Hudak's strategy were censored by the blogs, never seeing the light of day.

  9. And yet....if Hudak wins, you are going to look very silly. Which is why I'm posting your comments.

    Whatever the result on Thursday, your issues will be dealt with then.

  10. Feel free. I'm not happy if Dalton wins. I'm not upset if Hudak wins. I'm just saying there's nothing for me that is worth even a bit of a fight, though I did donate $100 to Kevin Gaudet's (formerly of the Canadian Tax Federation) who is running in Pickering.

    I'm just sad for the lost opportunity. This was our election to take. Like last time. And we blew it again.