Friday, December 2, 2011

All Apologies

Now, for my next trick, I will provide the reasons why Hudak does *not* need to apologize for those flyers that went out during the election. This is a very dangerous stunt and it just might land me on QPcomments (oh the horror!)....but you know, if we don't speak plainly about issues like this, then we can expect the Liberals to spin the narrative *again*, and then we will have to wait to form government until the year 20-Never, which would just suck.

First of all, I would like to make clear that I do not, will not, and have not defended the flyers themselves. I was curious about how they would affect the outcome and they clearly did. (More on that later.)

In any case, releasing them was a very stupid decision and doing so opened the party up to charges of homophobia. Those responsible for them should and (if what I'm hearing is correct) probably have been made persona non grata. So let's be clear. Hudak should *discipline*, to the harshest possible extent, those involved in the production of those flyers.

But he does not need to listen to Liberal demands for him to apologize.

Because the demand to apologize is part of the never-ending Liberal game of chess which delights them so. Everything these people do is part of some neverending strategy to force the PCPO into a position where they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. That's why the Liberals constantly put out press releases admonishing Hudak for voting against their agenda, as if there's something else an Opposition leader should be doing.

Central to the Liberal game of chess that never ends is the idea that everything is just another pincer movement in which to trap Hudak. Including this bill the Liberals are putting forward to supposedly end homophobic bullying in schools. Stop and think about that: a situation where young people are killing themselves due to bullying in schools is something that the Liberals view as just another move in their sick little chess game.

The chief problem I have with both the PC and Liberal bills on this issue is that they are half measures. The Star says as much in their editorial. Ditto the Sun. The Globe went so far as to say in the headline that it's not tough enough on bullies. And look! Here's another article from the Star that suggests that gay-straight alliances won't have to be called gay-straight alliances under the new Liberal bill. (Homophobes!)

The problem is that any bill that is meant to eliminate bullying cannot possibly succeed in the coddling environment that the Liberals have created in our schools, where rubber balls and junk food apparently need to be banned. If a kid is a bully, that kid needs to be expelled, and if a parent's child is a bully, then they're not doing their jobs as parents. But the Liberals won't go *that* far, Lord knows, while the PC's at least tried to give teachers the power to discipline kids without having to be afraid of Momzilla.

But as our friend at QPComments shows, this is just another political football for the Liberals, another issue to be fashioned into a stick to beat the PCs with. It isn't good enough for the PCs to put forward their own bill, and it isn't good enough for Conservatives like me to point out how the bills don't go far enough. No, we all have to support the Liberal agenda or we are homophobes. Or racists. Or pawns of Big Coal. Or Big Pharma. The list is endless. And you know what that's called? It's called *bullying.*

It's bullying because the object of bullying is to get someone you don't like to accept something they don't want to accept. And the Liberals want Hudak (and everyone else too) to accept their superiority and just go along with whatever they're doing, because they're Moving Ontario Forward. They want to turn Hudak into their pawn. Into John Tory. Into someone who backs down in the face of their attacks.

When you apologize to a Liberal, you are apologizing to the bully for making him or her bully you. Don't you ever do it, for any reason.