Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Run, Rivers, Run

For those who don't know, Graham (Grahame?) Rivers is the Ontario Liberal Twitter-Police Chief. Whenever you see a bunch of Liberals mass-tweeting Dalton's latest feel-good pablum, chances are this guy is behind it.

Well, my skepticism about The McPremier's ability to navigate the treacherous economic waters ahead irked Mr. Rivers somewhat, because he took the time to tweet at me thusly:

Who exactly is this "Drummon" person, Graham(e)? 140 characters. Make them count.

In addition to proving that your humble correspondent's words are read at the highest levels within the OLP, this tweet is noteworthy because it shows the utter lack of accountability within the McGuinty government. It's not up to Dalton anymore to fix the problem. If credit agencies are unhappy with Ontario, well, we'll all just have to wait for the Drummond report so that whenever Dalton releases "this plan", whatever it may be, he can point to Drummond or someone else and say, "He made me do it!"

Hey, didn't the Liberals blab incessantly about the need to release our platform a year early last year and because we didn't, we supposedly had "no plan"? Maybe Graham knows something about that.

Anyway, as I tweeted to Graham in response, there's absolutely no reason to believe Dalton's going to accept any accountability for whatever Drummond comes back with. (The lack of Liberal ideas was confirmed today by Dalton's new press secretary, who apparently speaks for Graham as well. At least Jane Almeida had some creativity, guys!)

The recent behaviour of Dalton's ministers in this respect is instructive. Leadership hopeful Chris "Smoove B" Bentley is righteously indignated about the fact that he can't replace incandescent light bulbs with those stylish twisty bulbs as quickly as he wanted because the feds aren't acting fast enough for him, and Barney the Duncan-saur is shocked by the news that there might be less federal cash for hospitals during a really bad recession. (But when Chretien/Martin cut funding for health care during the last recession, that was OK, because of, um, of stuff!)

If these two goofballs are blaming Harper for things going wrong now, what do you think will happen when the Drummond report lands on Dalton's doorstep? Either Dalton whines that his hands are tied, or he blows Drummond off in an attempt to appear all leaderly-like. And then where will we all be?

As we draw closer and closer to the Drummond report, I get more and more sure that Dalton and his people can't run forever. :)

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