Thursday, December 29, 2011

......And A Happy New Year, Unions

So it's come to this, has it? A proposed pay freeze for doctors. Cancelling corporate tax cuts. Warnings about belt tightening. In a word: austerity.

But if unions have been worried about the coming cash crush, I haven't heard a word from them. Oh sure, they've thrown out a few warnings through the usual channels, but if I were them, I wouldn't worry. Dalton's going to take good care of his union pals. He needs them. He doesn't need us.

It is about to become clear as crystal for all Ontarians where the power lies in this province. We're going to see union bosses strutting about, protected by the Liberal spin machine and Liberal-friendly media. And remember; these people have no love for Harper and Ford. So wouldn't it be a coincidence if Dalton, the biggest thorn in Harper's side right now, provided covering fire as they mounted their opposition to the relentless forward grind of the right in Canada.

And don't imagine that they are going to be in any way subtle about it. No. Their demands, like those they made on Bob Rae and David Miller, will get longer and louder until Dalton is mortgaged up to his eyeballs. But since Dalton is such a saint who hasn't aged a day since he got into office, he won't let the unions go hungry for too long. Doctors, corporations, even his own staffers will feel the pinch, but not Dalton's union pals.

I actually watched a documentary on Joseph Atkinson, publisher of the Star, recently. Back in the day, Atkinson took on the Toronto Tory elites and punctured their senses of invincibility as the Liberal political machine under Laurier looked on approvingly. But when I look at Toronto today, I see Atkinson's true legacy revealed; the creation of a union-backed Liberal aristocracy tossing crumbs, if they have crumbs to spare, to the people. Like all so-called reformers, all he ended up doing was transferring power from one gang to another.

Yeah, 2012 is going to be a great time for unions in Ontario. Unless we ruin their party.

Those of you out there who have recently discovered this here web space need to take a cue from, um, recent events and start putting the pieces together. These union mouthbreathers are lots of things, but political professionals they are not. Tie these people to the Liberals and expose the money flow. It exists. We know it exists.

But until we prove it, it doesn't exist.

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  1. I can't see Unions NOT doing well in Ontario in 2012,McGuinty has to kiss their butts or they'll bring his shaky minority down fast.

    We're in the same predicament in B.C.,a Liberal government that has one year to go in it's mandate,and a Teacher's Union on the warpath.

    Should be interesting.