Monday, January 2, 2012

Right On The Money

I predicted that unions would be doing some major strutting this year, and, wouldn't you know it....

LONDON, ONT. — Locomotive maker Electro-Motive began the new year by locking out CAW members at its plant in London, Ont.

Contract talks collapsed last week after the company issued a final offer that would cut the wages of union members in half, eliminate pensions and gut other benefits.

[blah blah blah]

CAW president Ken Lewenza issued a statement blaming corporate greed for the lockout, calling it a serious attack on working people, their families and the greater London area.

“Caterpillar may be one of the richest corporations to ask for the deepest of cuts,” he said.

[yak yak yak]

Ontario Federation of Labour president Sid Ryan says Ontario's labour movement is ready to mobilize to help the CAW stop scabs from crossing picket lines at the London plant.

“Workers across the province are angry and feel betrayed by their government and they are ready to fight together to defend good jobs,” he said.

Sid Ryan, eh? Not this Sid Ryan? Not the Sid Ryan quoted prominently on Liberal campaign literature? That Sid Ryan?

Speaking of union problems, how's that York Region Transit strike being resolved? Not at all, you say? OK then.

Boy, I'm sure glad Dalton didn't do something stupid like bank his re-election on the efforts of these exact same unions, huh? 

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