Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kevin Gaudet: Call Me Anytime

Kevin Gaudet wants to hear from you. That's why he's launching the Building Together for Victory phone line. Don't wait for a DSM, or for the convention. Give him a ring at 1-855-872-3202, and share your thoughts with him.

We're doing this because we don't want our members to feel like they're being ignored by the party. Kevin wants to face both his critics and his supporters, and get an in-depth understanding of what's really going on out there.

And don't miss the first installment of our PCPO Presidental Debates, happening January 18th, where you can see Kevin make his case.

1 comment:

  1. Already called and chatted with Kevin. Asked him one question. "Will you purge the party of the idiots".
    Kevin will try within his power as president to rid the party of those who are wrecking the party.