Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Primary School

I don't pay much attention to American politics. I am not an American and can't do much about American problems. There are enough problems here in Ontario that I might be able to do something about.

Right now, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. People have a problem with Mitt Romney because he's not conservative enough for them. So every other week these people start talking up one of the other nominees as the alternative to Romney. And every other week, another one of these nominees flames out spectacularly.

I don't like Ron Paul. I wouldn't vote for him. But Ron Paul is sticking to his guns despite all the terrible things people are saying about him. He doesn't care that people think he's crazy. And so far, he hasn't blown his brains out the way all the others have.

Now, it seems to me that the people who don't like Romney and would like to see him lose would do well to get behind Paul. That would give Paul more of a chance at the nomination. But they aren't doing that. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but the people supporting Paul don't seem to really want the support of other, less libertarian conservatives. And as a result, Romney will definitely continue to lead the way.

But if Romney wins the nomination, it's going to be very hard for him to attract all the voters from the other camps. And if the Republicans do the Principled thing and sit at home, then Obama is going to be re-elected. And then after that, none of the Republicans will be happy. Hmmmm. This is starting to sound awfully familiar.....

So basically we have a bunch of Principled Conservatives who don't like a front runner, and a bunch of front-runner supporters who don't care much for the Principled Conservatives, and within the Principled Conservatives there are lots of little divisions and OH HEY, I GET IT, IT'S THE SAME THING AS THE PC PARTY OF ONTARIO. WOW HOW DID I MISS THAT??????

So what can we learn from this whole primary business? You know, because people would rather watch these primaries than do stuff about what's going on in Ontario?

1) Complaining about the guy leading the pack but not doing anything doesn't fix the problem

2) Complaining about the guy leading the pack but also complaining about everyone else trying not to be the guy leading the pack doesn't fix the problem

3) Running a campaign based on "I'm not the guy leading the pack" tends to cause problems once people start asking questions about who you really are

4) If people ask questions about who you really are, it's best to have an answer prepared or make it look like you really don't give a damn, like Ron Paul is doing, and you won't fall over when someone pokes you

5) If the guy leading the pack wins, then you sabotaging the campaign isn't going to make anyone happy, least of all YOU

On second thought, maybe I will start paying attention to American politics. Somewhat.

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