Thursday, January 26, 2012

There, I Said It

If it's between Option A, spending $5 million on a museum that's not even in Ontario and Option B, saying it's a waste of money and, as a result, being "against human rights", then I'm going with Option B.

Made a few Liberals' days there, I'll bet.

The cash-strapped Ontario government says it stands by a decision to send $5 million to a Winnipeg museum whose costs are spiralling skywards.

The province will send $500,000 annually for 10 years.

The Winnipeg Sun has reported that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is wildly overbudget with the project’s tab — initially set at $270 million — now pegged at $351 million.

That newest tally does not include an estimated $5 million to complete the museum’s theatre.


  1. Ah the good old days of getting in a bus and driving 28 hours to visit a museum in Winnipeg.
    God bless you Dalton.

  2. The museum also has staff on payroll. The Federal Conservatives have cut off funds.

  3. So when are Manitoba taxpayers going to send us money?