Friday, January 27, 2012

Put Up Or Shut Up

This looks exactly like a government that has hoisted itself on its own petard.
Backing off any plan to curb caesarean sections to save money, Health Minister Deb Matthews says new birthing centres outside hospitals may be a better way to accomplish the same goal.

I want to make this very clear: we are not delisting caesarean sections,” Matthews told reporters Thursday at the opening of a new family health team in Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Her comments came one day after she suggested reducing the number of C-section births would ease costs for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan costs as the province struggles to erase $16 billion deficit.

Don Drummond said he wanted C-sections delisted. Don Drummond's an Expert. Experts are supposed to promote "evidence based policy." Liberals like to wag their fingers at us about "evidence based policy." But when push comes to shove, and union queen bees get angry, Liberals change their tune:

Don Drummond, the former TD Bank chief economist who is advising Premier Dalton McGuinty on plans to slash spending, has warned that C-section births are “off the charts” and cost too much money because women spend more time in hospital.

The remark earned a rebuke from Sharleen Stewart, head of the Service Employees International Union representing more than 50,000 health-care workers.

“Women do not need a Bay Street banker telling them how or when to give birth. Don Drummond seems to have developed a god complex that has gotten out of control. He should get his hands off women’s bodies and out of our health care,” Stewart said in a statement.

If Liberals aren't prepared to do what we supposedly won't do, they should shut their mouths.


  1. "Taxpayers will soon find they have to pay for more health services now covered by OHIP as Ontario sheds its $16 billion deficit"

    Funny how Liberals Look to shed it's deficit by having taxpayers pay for health services.
    However if this was a Conservative proposal the Main Stream Liberal Biased Media would be screaming they're gutting healthcare and moving us to a two tiered system

  2. Just a thought for Ontario Liberals - C-Sections are a necessity in many cases, abortions are not. Perhaps they should delist an optional procedure before they delist a necessary one.

  3. I want to make this very clear, when a Lying Lib politico says something like: "I want to make this very clear: we are not delisting caesarean sections,” You know that they are seriously thinking about it and this denial is actually a prelude to it happening. It's a mind-trick to stage this change so it's not a huge shock when it goes down.

    After all, these are the same snakes that wouldn't cut a penny from the abortion industries budget, yet won't pay for IVF treatments to people who have real medical problems with giving life to another human.
    That sort of thinking and ideology is why our society is heading for the reckoning that it deserves.

  4. How about delisting something that doesn't affect just women? Also, oxygentax has no idea what he's talking about, as abortion can be very necessary, and if anyone disagrees then I would love to hear them tell their opinion to someone whose been brutally raped and ends up pregnant.

    Barely anything is black and white, and those who refuse to see the shades of grey go through life as if they're blind.