Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMP? Womp Womp!

Around this time of year, young PC's, NDP's, and Liberals gather for the Ontario Model Parliament (OMP), where they debate and negotiate a bill through Queen's Park. But there's only one problem: According to my friends at the Ontario PC Youth Association, the Young Liberals have been MIA when it comes to OMP! WTF? LOL!

It could be that the Ontario Young Liberals, keeners that they are with their bright shiny website, are busily beavering away trying to elect Mike Crawley the next President of the Federal Liberals at something called a biennial convention.

Just in case you're confused as to who's trying to copy who, the original is on top. Crawley's on the bottom.
It could be that they are trying to elect 20-year old Zach Paikin as the federal Liberal policy chair. Though some anonymous Liberals feel differently about that. And some not so anonymous Liberals too.

Or it could be that current Young Liberal exec, described by some people who I talked to as "zombie do-nothings", are worried about holding the PC's and NDP off in a minority OMP situation!

Now I've got to ask the OYL: What message does it send when you guys are too busy planning for some political insider get-together in Ottawa to make time for the next generation of young people who are passionate about politics? What does this say about whether Dalton really cares about university students? Is OMP on the chopping block in advance of the Drummond Report???? We demand answers!

UPDATE: TCAM gets results! According to an OYL newsletter rushed out today, OMP will be held Feb 3rd.


  1. It also appears that UOttawa's Model Parliament token liberal party, the Ideological Pragmatist Party, has also been unresponsive to attacks by the centre-right Atlantic Alliance: The leader of the IPP was off trying to help Rae's "chosen one" get elected.

  2. Hmmm, yes, that is true.