Monday, December 26, 2011

The System Works

My post of December 23rd, ``Merry Christmas Canadian Cynic``, generated more interest than anything I had written in the past year and a half of blogging. A few things got lost in all the noise. Let's review.

One of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that the PC Party lost the election is because they did not stand up to Liberal pressure tactics. When the Liberals tried to foster dissent between groups of PCs by saying that Bill Davis was being backstabbed when he wasn't, or when the Liberals whipped up fear amongst various mayors that Hudak was going to download costs onto the municipalities, the PCs clammed up instead of fighting back.

When there is evidence that the Liberals are engaging in spin on these or other issues, the PCs do not make this evidence publicly known. This is what happened to Brian Lilley when he went up against the War Room Boss.

By systematically researching the people and issues involved and by providing evidence to substantiate claims made- whatever evidence there is, because, remember, the media must cover both sides of the story- a lot more damage can be done than trying to create anger at the Liberals where there is none. I analyzed Canadian Cynic`s blog and went to a public talk given by him to compile this evidence, as an example of how this research must be done before the fact, and before trying to drive the wedge, so it can hold up better than it would otherwise.

Because Canadian Cynic hasn`t been able to show how anything I have written is defamatory to him (so far), I have to conclude that I did a good enough job researching him and there are enough facts in ``Merry Christmas, Canadian Cynic`` for it to stay up. And that`s all he is to me- a research object. I have no interest in silencing him or his little group. Nothing I do will change their minds. But I can show them that they are not as invincible as they think they are.

If Canadian Cynic can somehow show that parts of what I have written is defamatory enough to him to actually make it all the way to a courtroom and have a judge seriously consider it, then I`ll happily delete those parts. It`s not my intention to defame the man. As it is, I wasn`t *sure* if the comments that were deleted yesterday contained false information. There were competing claims about their validity. The lawyer I spoke to told me to delete the comments because I couldn`t prove they were true or false. When I approved the comment initially, I gave the person who commented the benefit of the doubt.

I am OK with deleting part of my post, no matter how much Cynic and his pals tell themselves they`ve won by making me do that, because they will declare victory anyway. All I care about is that the portions of  ``Merry Christmas, Canadian Cynic`` that are true- which is, so far as I know, all of it- remain.

If the PC Party of Ontario identifies the Liberals` weak spots and attacks those weak spots using real and verifiable information, they will win the next election. And then everything Canadian Cynic says about the PC Party of Ontario will matter as much as everything he says about Harper and Ford. That is to say, not at all.

Now, I hope Cynic will continue to pursue this with me. I hope he will draft some BS statement of claim that won`t hold up in court. I hope he will make me one of his objects of hatred. And I hope that the Ontario Liberals do so as well.

In the meantime, I am going to keep on finding out everything I can about the Ontario Liberals, using the same procedure as I did for Cynic. And I am going to continue advocating that the PC Party of Ontario use the same procedure.

Because, as I have shown with this Canadian Cynic example, it works.   

UPDATE: Canadian Cynic has managed to figure out my real name after three days of searching (and I *only* had it in a really obvious place, so bravo on him, I suppose) and it looks like he wants to go all the way with this. He also has made no attempt to tell me what is supposedly so defamatory about my post. I can't imagine what it could be, so I'd love to see what a judge has to say about it.

FYI Cynic: You have pissed off a lot of people over the years, some of whom happen to be lawyers. And you know how we righties love to rally around one of our own who's getting law-fared. But, hey, if you WANT to make me into a right wing cause-celebre, then go right ahead.  


  1. "But, hey, if you WANT to make me into a right wing cause-celebre, then go right ahead."

    You'll be bigger than Patrick Ross.

  2. Josh Lieblein, the U of T ungergrad, barely tall enough to reach the top shelf at the candy store?
    Playing the tough guy? This is funny shit!

    Josh, I know you're still a little guy, but to suggest the left invented dirty pool political social media is a fucking joke. Everyone knows the GOP turned modern politics into the cesspool they currently are.

    And Josh, planning to go to law school or being in law school doesn't make your frat buddies actual lawyers. You know that right? I don't know many grown men that are frightened of teenaged boys.

  3. Well, whoever the anonymous is above (and I do have my suspicions) could use my advice about doing proper research.

    -I'm not an undergrad anymore
    -I'm certainly not a teenaged boy
    -I've never belonged to a frat house
    -I spoke to an actual lawyer, and I know actual lawyers, who have graduated from actual law schools
    -I'm 5'9, which should make me able to reach the top shelf in most candy stores

    Do you think you could point out where I said the left invented dirty pool social media? Is this the kind of stuff CC is going to bring to his big legal showdown?

  4. The best defence is a better offence. You're playing too much "D" and learn the definition of "mock". Cheers.


  5. Now that I know Canadian Cynic is a Linux geek, I like him.

    It is better, I guess, to blame pretend journalists and hacks for losing elections than poor leadership, poor policies, and a platform that can be reduced to "the opposite of what they said".

    The failure of party politics as an engine for social, economic, and cultural advancement is well demonstrated in commentary such as this, in both new and old media. It can be characterized as juvenile, partisan beyond the point of stupidity, and lacking any redeeming qualities. It represents a narcissism masquerading as debate but inherently empty of any meaning. Just like the partisan party politics from whence it comes.

  6. You know, I have written other posts about reasons- internal factors- why we lost the election.

    It does become hard to propose any sort of bold policies that people may disagree with when there are those out there who will go all "The Trial" on bloggers who say things they don't like.

  7. Suspicions? Hmmmm....20 bucks says you haven't got a clue who I am.

  8. Did you read "The Trial"?

  9. Yes I did read "The Trial", and how am I supposed to take a $20 bet with an anonymous person??? Think about that for a minute, will you?

  10. keep it up, the people on the left will always delve into spreading lies, hate, division. and when they are forced out into the light they scurry for cover to a lawyers office