Wednesday, June 29, 2011

eHealth part 876

I'm confused: If the Liberals are the people who keep scaring people with disinformation about other parties "gutting Ontario's health system", why are they working so hard to gut the system themselves?

As reported on this blog some months ago, the Liberals dumped a ridiculous amount of our money into the festering eyesore that is the Windsor Grace Hospital and were repaid with a big serving of nothing by paid-up Liberal donor and occasional developer Lou Vozza.

As of a few months ago, Dalton had every confidence in Vozza. As of 18 days ago, Heath Minister Debbie Doubletalk was ready to give Vozza a gold star for all the "substantial progress" he'd made. As of Friday, the government ripped up the contract. As of today, Debbie Doubletalk had no comment on the situation, apart from "I dunno", which is a pleasant rarity indeed.

There isn't much new to be said on the subject that hasn't been said already, except that now we have a slightly clearer picture of why Sandra Pupatello quit a few weeks ago. This is because Dalton and his rotating cast of Health Ministers have pulled this same scam over and over and OVER and OVER again. And they will keep on doing it until we boot these con men out of office.

This has been a particularly crappy week for Dalton, as he seems to be intent of destroying every bit of credibility he has left. Whether it's a massive overreaction to a negative poll in the Toronto Star, fighting with the NDP over who's going to be the third party, or showing that he doesn't care about frontline healthcare, Dalton is doing more damage to the Liberal brand than any Conservative in recent memory.


  1. Nice scoop. Can't find this on the interweb yet. Any other links to this? I follow politics pretty closely but never heard about this.

  2. The reason for this is that Dalton and his gang of thugs between them don't have the brains of a newt. When Ralph Klein was faced with the enormous cost of refurbishing the Calgary General Hospital (which meant gutting the entire building to get rid of the asbestos and the mold) he just blew the sucker up and saved the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. And for all the snivelers about how Calgary is short of beds: if the current administration hadn't let the bureaucrats get their money-wasting paws into the project, the hospital would have been completed in the same length of time as refurbishing the old General. Calgary will soon have that new facility, but with all the bells and whistles the medical and civil bureaucracy have added to it, it will only have enough money left for about six beds.

  3. Well, if you google Vozza's name, you'll find a litany of articles talking about his financial problems, going back years now. So the Liberals are too dumb to do a Google search before they hire someone, apparently.

    NDP MP Brian Masse is getting involved, calling for an inquiry. Are you listening, PC Party of Ontario?