Saturday, June 11, 2011

A House Divided

"Boy, those Conservatives with their infighting! Aren't they just hilarious? Aren't we Liberals going to just cruise to re-election in October?"

Well, look who's getting the last laugh now, Liberals. We had Sandra "Snooki" Pupatello, one of Dalton's toughest consiglieres, quit this week, and now we've got Donna Cansfield getting the vapours over a planned power plant.

Is she Donna Cansfield, or Donna Can'ts-field?

If you have a vague recollection of another of Dalton's cronies having a power plant-related credibility blackout, you're right. In Cansfield's case, though, it's a little more hilarious because she was originally a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, but "her involvement in the education community led her to oppose the policies of the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves governments." That's a nice way of saying, "the teacher's union made her an offer she couldn't refuse."

Now, if avowed Red Tories like Cansfield who took the step of leaving the PC Party are now opposing Dalton's policy, what does that say for that other Liberal talking point about how red Tories should support Dalton?

Look, we know that Dalton's cronies are out there trying to recruit people like John Tory, Jr. on the pretense that the Liberals are somehow the real home for centrists. But only a few posts ago, I pointed out that Dalton plans to copy Stephen Harper's election tactics. Why? Because he knows what people like Sarah Thomson and Donna Cansfield and Belinda Stronach and Garth Turner and Mike Colle do not, and that is that THE CENTRE IS DEAD and hoping it will come back isn't going to work. 

That's Dalton's problem in the first place. Given the choice, he'd be as right-wing as Hudak, maybe right-er. There's a chance that he will do exactly that in the alternate universe where he wins the election in October. Or maybe he'd confess his undying love for unions and proclaim Dalton Days like the NDP did. But he can't do either of those things and instead tries in vain to capture "the centre" because it's what his puppetmasters tell him to do. His party is way more divided than ours ever could be, with people in his own party telling him, likely to his face, that he's the reason they're so far behind in the polls, and it's all happening in spite of-or because of- his efforts to make everyone like him.

A word to the Red Tories out there who may be considering following Thomson's lead and joining Dalton. You will not "remake the Progressive Conservatives." You are stepping into an abyss. Accept that there is no way back to the way things were.


  1. "...another of Dalton's cronies having a power plant-related credibility blackout,"

    C'mon now. Everybody knows that Stephen Harper is personally responsible for the last 100 years of global climate change and now he's stopping the entire world from doing anything about it. But did you also know, that he is also personally responsible for catastrophic climate failure on Mars, Venus and the Moon?! No, of course you didn't. That's because forty percent of the population have been brainwashed by the Dark Overloard and his evil minion Stanley, The Kitten.

    Rise UP, Moon Rocks! Are you going to take this lying down? Please contact me, your opinion is important. I've already been contacted by the Martians.

    IPCC Report follows:

  2. so what did happen to the vote for the membership thing. did pete mckay keep the status quoe or did we change it. I missed theconvention I was working. either way I don't care I just think it's a childish thing to fight over. and I didnt know we were divided. are we?

  3. Looks like things are steady as she goes on the federal front.

    No reason to think otherwise on the provincial front either, unless you buy into Liberal spin.

  4. Here is a list of politicians to contact if you're within 3 Km of the VOCs plume area or live down wind (meaning living in Toronto south area) of the Greenfield South NG Plant; Search the danger of Nano-Particulates, PM2.5 from NG plants for your own info!
    See RogersTV, Goldhawk Live show from here; See Greenfield South natural gas plant location here; Remember the 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment? VOCs plumes may cause another in the winter! VOCs plume carries particulate matter! Stupid is as stupid does, locating toxic air pollution next to any residential, institutional or business areas!
    Cansfield writes, Broten & Sousa are MIA! Where are they when MPP's are needed? Both Cansfield, former energy minister & Broten former enviro minister could have stopped this stupid plant!

  5. So now John Wilkinson gets into the Greenfield South controversy, saying the Liberal Government, Ministry of Environment needs to investigate whether an Environmental Assessment is necessary for this area because there are new condominiums built in the area, w/ 2 x more to be built in the near future. Sure, these condo's are new but how about the people how use Trillium HC Centre, the shoppers and workers at Sherway Gardens, the other businesses (commercial and industrial) in the area and all those people in the residential communities that surround this site? The Ontario Liberal government's energy policies have been a disaster from day one!