Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail

No sooner had the skittish Liberals finished trying to crush the NDP walnut with a sledgehammer than they turned their sights on.....the Toronto Star?!

Yep. Seems like the Liberals are annoyed with a poll that the Star published a little while ago which showed the PC Party running away with the election. Oddly enough, other polls favourable to the PC's weren't attacked in this way. I'd suggest that the reaction to this poll indicates pants-crapping fear within the Liberal Party that the Star might make a habit of endorsing the NDP. My view is supported by a helpful unnamed Liberal:

The tone of Guy’s memo rattled some Liberals, who also questioned Forum’s findings but would have preferred the central campaign ignore them altogether.

“Why respond — because they’re scared?” asked one Grit on Monday.

So naturally the right thing to do when your party's flagship media organ kneecaps you is to kneecap them right back. It's all quite reminiscent of an incident during the 2007 campaign where prototypical Liberal hack Ben Chin threatened CHCH Hamilton into not running a clip that would have made Dalton look silly. In what I'm sure is a completely unrelated development, well-known CHCH Hamilton news anchor Donna Skelly decided to run for us in Ancaster Dundas Flamborough Westdale. Hmmmm.

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