Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A modicum of trust in Canada's journalistic corps was restored today when this simple, blindlingly obvious bit of truth was recognized in the Globe and Mail:

And the Liberals’ broadsides, through press releases and talking points and Twitter posts, have been unfocused to the point of being contradictory – at various points labelling Mr. Hudak nostalgic for his time in Mike Harris’s government 15 years ago and a “reckless rookie, ”a man with no plan, except for the sinister secret plan he keeps to himself.

But still, their criticisms are all over the map. Mr. Hudak is not just “slick,” but also “dark” and “angry.” Despite being too “pessimistic,” he’s also promising Ontarians too much.

This revelation from Mr. Radwanski might come as a shock to some people. For the rest of us who are more familiar with Liberal doublethink, this is the point where their lame clown-and-straight-man act falls apart. You know the one: where Liberal "A" bashes someone for doing one thing, and Liberal "B" bashes him for doing the exact opposite, hoping to split the difference and that people won't "C" what's really going on here.

A summary of Dalton's communication strategy thus far.

Look at poor little William Norman sweat his heart out trying to do just this. If I read him correctly, he's saying, "Well, before Tim Hudak had problems with full day kindergarten, and that was bad, but now he decided that he doesn't want to make it an election issue, and that's somehow even worse!" Yeah, it's definitely "reckless" to say you're not going to fight the other guy. :P   

The PC Party of Ontario's Changebook has been discussed intensely for the past four days by both the commentariat and the people whose opinions actually count. Pretty much everyone who is not employed by the Ontario Liberal Party has found something they like about it, and even Andrew Coyne  had something halfway nice to say about it. For example, we got an endorsement from a real life student group. Pretty mindboggling to have students endorse the Conservative party, but there you have it. 

Naturally the Liberals have crapped all over the whole thing and made what they consider to be Highly Intellectual Criticisms and Devastatingly Intelligent Witticisms and Really Lame Twitticisms which they think will make Ontarians say, "My God, you're right! We need four more years of the guy that made Tim Hudak so popular in the first place!" 

What these idiots seem to have forgotten is that every time they talk smack about Changebook and Tim Hudak, they make him more popular and better known, and help get his ideas out there. Furthermore, as they talk the aforesaid smack, they draw a considerable amount of attention to the fact that they HAVE NO PLAN THEMSELVES. (Wow, that felt good.)

To win a campaign, you must stay on message. What, pray tell, is the Liberal message? "We're going to carry a cardboard cutout of a stick figure around the province and pretend it makes us look cool"?

Dalton was the king of "I needn't touch you to defeat you", and now he's losing a fistfight with his own shadow.     

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