Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tax Attack

Unlike the Liberals, who talk a good game about "ripping people's faces off" but in actual fact couldn't rip a piece of toilet paper because they're so frightened of getting bumped off in October, we know how to do attack ads right.

And what are they replying with? Half hearted jabs about a fictitious promise from Hudak to not go negative. You won't see the text of this promise, or anything that could be fitted between quotation marks that could be attributed to Hudak which resembles a promise.

Meanwhile, I've got a quote from Dalton's campaign chair, Greg Sorbara, and it goes a little something like this: "I’m not going to tolerate a campaign that is driven by negative advertising. It will not happen."

Greg Sorbara and "Flat Tim", hard at work *not* tolerating a campaign driven by negative advertising.

So here we have a short and to the point ad that's going to be seen by millions of people that will do what the Liberals could not do with weeks of unfocused, and no doubt extremely expensive, attacks that have been singularly ineffective at improving the Liberals' electoral fortunes. 

Importantly, our ads take the bold step of actually featuring our leader, instead of a disembodied Big Brother Is Watching You voice-over. We also take full ownership of our ads, while the other guys hide behind unions and then do a cute shrug of the shoulders when people start to ask questions.

We are not the timid party of four years ago. We came to play.

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