Friday, July 22, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different.....

It may surprise you, my faithful readers, to learn that I have Liberal friends. And today, I'd like all of you to meet my friend Jordan Glass.
On a typical day, most of us get up, have breakfast, read the paper, drink coffee. Before you've done any of those things, Jordan has posted 12 glowing articles and 50 tweets glorifying Dalton McGuinty, bashing Rob Ford, attacking Harper, pumping up Bob Rae. An exemplar of Toronto Liberalism, Jordan is so commited to the cause of Liberal boosterism that he makes Dwight Duncan and Carolyn Bennett look like first time campaign volunteers.

Here are some quotes from Jordan in the past little while.

-"The reality is, I believe this is a response to Liberals - who are not left wing in the strictest sense of the term - are fed up with the notion that the media is somehow in our pocket when the media (including the Star) has been critical of this government since they took office."

-"I think this government has an amazing record - especially on the energy file"

-"Evident now that John Tory was far too verbose to get elected. Key to getting elected as a PC is to say almost nothing?"

-"No risks on current government. Proof is in the numbers - not the media."

-"No Premier in Ontario's history has put Ontario first more than he [McGuinty] has."

-"I know the PC Party is the party of big spenders, but sometimes a government must be responsible."

-"But the PC lack of respect for democracy is not shocking."

All day, every day, Jordan posts this and more. Every announcement made by the Liberals gets top billing. Did you know McGuinty threw a bunch of money at a video game design company? Jordan is right there. Did you know the Liberals fined a company 50 K after a worker was injured? Doesn't slip by Jordan.

Jordan's the type of guy who'll say that, because Tim Hudak did an MA in the United States for 1 year, that he doesn't know if "Tim Hudak came back for him." Yes, of course I'm serious. Yesterday, I asked Jordan if the bad press the Liberals were having were entirely the result of Tory spin- that not one word of it was deserved. Jordan, without hesitation said, "Yes."

If every one of Dalton McGuinty's Liberals were as committed as Jordan, McGuinty would be 50 points ahead in the polls. But they aren't, and he isn't.

Did I mention Jordan does this all day for free?

Every PC Party member owes it to themselves to see the job this man does. He will make you try harder to beat Dalton McGuinty. Add him on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Who, that works, could ever have time to read all that blather?

  2. You don't have to read all of it. One or two of his posts are usually good enough to remind me that Dalton must be destroyed. :)

  3. I deleted JG from my Facebook a couple weeks ago, just got tired of sifting through all the Liberal press releases he posts/pasts...

  4. Certainly your prerogative to do so, but I find his stuff hilarious and motivating in equal parts. Could I, if I had the same amount of time as him, do that much? Could I be that partisan? Could anyone? I doubt it.

    Look at it this way: How much of a meanie is Dalton to not hire him?