Monday, July 4, 2011

Eastern Promises

A foreign company invested in a Canadian province, signing a sweetheart energy deal with a Liberal government under shadowy circumstances. It became an election issue, and the Liberals got booted from office in a big way. After the PC government took power, they discovered all sorts of horrific details relating to the deal that the Liberals tried to hide.

Sound familiar? Yes, but the province in this case was New Brunswick, the foreign power was Norway-based Umoe Solar, and the government was composed of Shawn Graham's Liberals.

The parallels are eerie. Shawn Graham gushed over how wonderful the deal would be and how many "green-collar jobs" it would create. The Tories said it was a bad idea, and predictably the Liberals whined that they should be given credit for trying. Now NB taxpayers are on the hook for 11 million bucks after Umoe got cold feet and backed out of the deal.

So....what kind of nasty surprises are hidden within your deal with Samsung, Dalton?

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